WOOFA ufo Challenge

Working On Or Finishing A ... UFO

Like many quilters, I had quite a few projects living in boxes or bags that needed to be finished. They were all feeling very lonely & extremely neglected.
So I made a list & for it NoT to become overwhelming, I realised I just needed to break it down & simply make a start on ONE at a time. The decision to make the whole year a "year of finishes"  would help to keep this list reducing.
If a finish was impossible I would at least make significant progress on it.
So this little group called WOOFA (ufo) was formed. 
I could offer & also gain some help from my friends to achieve this goal.

I have a "button" on my sidebar & if you would like to join in this "challenge" simply place it on your blog & every month I'll send you an email to remind you to work on one of your projects.
  It's that easy.
No pressure or judgement... but realistic encouragement.
At the end of each month we'll have a link party to show off our progress.

In 2021 I've decided to expand the WOOFA concept 
to include any Project ideas / Patterns / Publications OR Problems... 
that I've stored, horded, collected... & hoped to make one day.
I like the idea of FiNaLLy using a few of these dust collectors during 2021.
But of course any UFO's can still be included too.
* * * * *

In 2021... to be continued...
In 2020... I completed 10 from my 14 listed projects (with 2 advancing).
In 2019... I completed 8 from my 10 listed projects... 
that's pretty gOOd as I was away quite a lot during the year...

What do you think ??? 
Are you willing to accept my challenge ???   
There's nothing like some encouragement to get you motivated each month.

You are welcome to join in at any time too.