12 inch MiNi CLUB

This Club runs per Calendar year... 
and OPENS on January 15th, 2014.
This is an excuse for all 12inch MINI lovers to make a MINI...  & then swap it with another MiNi lover... perhaps even someone from another country.

It is advisable to have a 12inch x 14inch display frame... but it's not a necessity. You may have a wall for them to go on or a special place in your home. It's FuN displaying a different mini each month or for that special occasion.

These display frames are available for around $25.00 with various "tops" available too.
Here are a few sites I've found that supply them.  http://www.quiltersstore.com.au/_products//Notions/Hangers/Scroll+Single+StandGray-1559-207502-.aspx  
and here...  www.thewoodenbear.com  in the USA. 

I will organise three (3) swaps throughout the year... & I will sometimes open these swaps up so others can join in during the year... BUT if you join the "CLUB" at the beginning of the year there are some added bonus' for you.

1. You will be given the "theme" of all 3 MiNi's.
2. You will know the dates of all 3 swaps.
3. You will receive your "secret" partners for all 3 MiNi's (& stalking is allowed).
4. You will receive 3 printed cloth labels for your MiNi's (if you want to use them).
5. There will also be a line drawing for a label that you can embroider.
6. "MiNi Club" coffee coasters.
7. You are guaranteed a place in each swap.

Joining  "the club" means you can work on your MiNi any time throughout the year.

MINI's should be 12" wide (x 14" tall at most)
but there are NO ruler police!
Have a hanging sleeve on the back.
Have YOUR name and/or blog address on the back... &  THAT'S IT.

You may have to mail O/S as it depends on the number & whereabouts of members in the swaps...but to keep postal cost to a minimum just send 
"ThE MiNi" in a large envelope.
No need to add any "extra's" in this swap.

2014 MEMBERS and their blog LINKS...

Anorina M ~ aust
Anthea L ~ aust
Carin A ~  SWEDEN
Cathy C ~ aust
Danette S ~ USA
De T  ~   aust
Fiona R ~ aust
Florence S ~ FRANCE
Hollie P ~  USA  NO BLOG
Illene T ~ aust
Jennifer T ~  USA
Joan K ~  USA
Kerry H ~ UK
Kim McI ~ aust
Lyn O ~  NZ
Lyn S ~ aust   NO BLOG
Lynn B ~ UK
Maria G ~ aust
Maria W ~ aust
Mel N ~ aust
Melanie K ~ aust
Michell K ~ NZ
Noela Y ~ aust
O'Faigh ~ aust
Ondrea D  ~ aust
Pam K ~ aust
Peg C ~ aust
Shari G ~ CANADA
Sharon T ~  NZ
Shez S ~  aust
Tania S ~ aust
Terry F  ~ USA
Raelene C ~ aust
Simone H ~ aust
Sisbabe  ~ aust
Sue B ~ UK
Sue P ~ aust
Sue R ~ NZ
Wendy F ~  USA

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