Friday, May 22, 2020

WeeK 9... GettinG a LiTTLe CLoSeR

I started each sewing session off this week by finishing a few colour sets of 3 "string" blocks for my next charity quilt...
Two In Red... One in Yellow... One in Dark Green... & Three in Brown.
That makes 28 blocks of 35 finished.
* * * * *

As previously mentioned, I purchased the Harvest Moon kit in 2012 but after positioning it on my "design wall"... I decided that it just wasn't doing it for me.  So I changed the layout slightly, made it smaller... & now it's become a 46in x 68in charity quilt. Obviously my taste has changed quite considerably since 2012.
I'll hand this flimsy to our guild, with the backing fabric & binding... for quilting.
I've added this "flimsy" to my WOOFA "completed" list as I won't be seeing it again.
* * * * *

The project I worked next on was my Christmas Tree Skirt...
The second "block" BLITZeN, has been fully appliqued & embroidered & also sewn to the adjacent block. I also finished the embroidery between the 2 blocks that joins the train together .

I decided to complete the next block "#3" - DoNNeR - too.
So now blocks 1-3 have been completed... & I'm LoVinG the look of it so far...

* * * * *

Saturday, May 16, 2020

The NighT of...

Friday Night Sew In... hosted by Wendy... from over HeRe...
saw me sitting with embroidery on my knee...
"Stocking Mice" went from ... this...
To this...

If you would like to enjoy what other FNSI-ers worked on...simply ClicK HeRe.

* * * * *

Friday, May 15, 2020

WeeK 8... STiLL DiSTanCinG

Angela from HeRe... Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2020... chose Dark Green as the colour for the month of May.
I made 2 "string" blocks in that colour choice...✅
* * * * *

I also made a couple more "string" blocks.  One in purple & one in yellow... ✅
* * * * *

And another two "interlocking chain" blocks were added to the box... 
This time in light shades of aqua & red... ✅
* * * * *

I stitched the elastic on the 3 sets of Picnic Pals...
They are now residing in my 1XiAM gift box... check out that blog over HeRe.
* * * * *

And I played with "Harvest Moon" this week... but there's still plenty left to do...

^^* * * * *^^

Monday, May 11, 2020

During Friends Night

Even though I invited you all over for FNWF... I was only with you in spirit.
I was actually visiting my DD (sanctioned by NSW Gov't & keeping a distance) ...
but I was thinking of you all...

I hope you all had a wonderful night of sewing, stitching or crafting in general.
I'll be over to visit you all during the coming week...

* * * * *

Friday, May 8, 2020

WeeK 7 ... PhYsiCaL DiSTanCinG

How is everyone doing?  Hopefully... you are all healthy in body & mind.
I hope you are all keeping safe by keeping your distance while enjoying the somewhat relaxed conditions too...

I finished sewing the Girls Day Out quilt together. I added the 1st border but as we're all advised to still stay inside... I'll go find the outside border at a later date. This quilt has now been locked away until I can go shopping with ease.
It will be a quick finish once I have the border fabric as I even have the binding all ready to go on once it's been quilted.
Not a very good pic but it shows that it is finished to this point...

SO under my WOOFA list I've added a section called "IN LoCKDoWn"... AnD...
as I consider this project "finished" for now... it's listed under there.

I did the same for the Drunkards Path quilt too. Even though it's NoT on the original pattern,  I decided to add a border to make it slightly larger. So until I can go out shopping to buy that fabric... this flimsy is also in LoCKDoWn.
So I consider my challenge for the month of MaY completed... yippee
* * * * *

And DD#2 sewing machine cover has also been finished.
These pics were taken BeFoRE I added the binding to the base.
I'm now waiting to hear if DD likes it... BuT  I'm very happy with how it turned out.
* * * * *

Before CoVid-19, I had purchased a 6 pack of nice quality tea towels.
I have made 3 more sets of Picnic Pals... I just need to add the elastic.
They will go into the Christmas gift box... once completely finished...
so I'll add them to the group blog - 1XiAM - sometime next week.
* * * * *

Only 3 "string" blocks were completed this week... better than none I suppose.
The tally now stands at 18 from 35 blocks.

* * * * *

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

FNwF again

We can all get together once again this coming Friday for FNWF.
It's a lovely way to spend the evening & you get to stitch, sew or knit with "friends"... at the required distance of course ✅
So... simply add your blog address (or social media) link below & come join us...
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* * * * *

Saturday, May 2, 2020

WOOFA ufo... #5

I listed this project for March ... but that never happened... but I did manage to make a start on it in April.
I'll be trying to finish this "challenge" project during the month of MaY...

AnD... seeing it was FNwF last night...
I pinned the last few blocks (perhaps overkill but I find it easy this way)... 
then sewed the curve... nice & steady...
and before I knew it I had ALL the blocks together...
24 of 24.
Hopefully you will set your goal for the month too... then...
we'll have a get together at months end to show our achievements...

If you would like to enjoy some eye candy... simply visit the blogs listed...
HeRe... at FNwF.
* * * * *

Friday, May 1, 2020

WeeK 6... PhYsiCaL DiSTanCinG

My cubbyhole is a little less cramped now with ALL the sewing that's been going on. I have a lot more cupboard space... however ... I don't have ANY empty boxes.
WhY is THaT?
Most quilters will have their own answer to that question... but mine is...
 a never ending passion for cutting up fabric & creating something new...💭

Anyways... this week I managed to sew a few "string" blocks together... 15 in fact.
That leaves 20 to go...🧵
* * * * *

Both DD's wanted a machine cover... so it was a great opportunity to make them one during this lock down. DD#1 wanted hers featuring black dotty fabric...
while DD#2 wanted a more modern patchwork look.
I worked on DD#1 first... as I had the fabric she wanted in my stash.
It's my design... simple but effective AnD... most importantly... DD#1 loves it.

DD#2 fabric arrived (courtesy of the postie) so I made a start on her's too...
* * * * *

And hubby has been keeping busy too... PaiNTinG...
Not his favourite job... BuT it has helped pass the time...& it's clean & fresh inside.
In this pic he was just about to start the entry...
This is mentioned only as a record of our time spent in lock down during Covid-19.
* * * * *

Thursday, April 30, 2020


In ApRiL... I completed 10 projects... & I'm VeRY HaPPy with that number ☑.

Thanks Kris... for acting as accountant each & every month.
You can visit Kris HeRe... at Tag Along Teddies blog.

* * * * *

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

FNwF #1... &... a WooFA PaRTy

It's time to link up if you are joining in Friday Night with Friends...
This is the 1st of 2 monthly get together's... so pick a project to work on... plan dinner... select great music to enjoy... & sharpen your cutter blade in readiness.
It's a FuN & SaFe way to socialise... even if we are physically distanced.
Your "friends" will be over to your place later to enjoy what you accomplished.
Remember to STaY SaFe...

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it's time for our ApRiL WOOFA party...
Working On OR Finishing a UFO
. Simply link up below and show us what you have been working on in April. 
It's THaT simple...
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* * * * *
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