Saturday, September 22, 2018

MoRe 9 Patch... PaRT 3

At FNSI last night, I put together more blocks for the FaNCy Snowball Quilt...
My table went from this ONE 9 patch...
to a whooping 34 completed 9 patch blocks ...

That takes the total to 68 completed blocks.
I will leave the start of the snowballs... for another time.

* * * * *

Monday, September 17, 2018


spent machine stitching some simple 2 inch cross hatch quilting...
Oh yeah... it's a great day...

* * * * *

Thursday, September 13, 2018

KniTTing to HeLP

When I was on my weekend road trip I took along some yarn to knit.
 I recently read on Karen's blog... HeRe... about some little Lamb Jumpers she knitted & I wanted to  do the same. I finished one little jumper using up some scraps I had & will knit more over the coming months.
The project doesn't need any more jumpers ATM but probably will next winter.
It certainly is a FuN way to spend some time.

You can read about this project HeRe... & get the instructions on their facebook page "Helping our Farmers" but I will put the pattern on my side bar too for easy access... under CHARITY Projects... or click HeRe.

This is a borrowed photo...showing samples of  "LAMB JUMPERS" ... 
* * * * *

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Finally Finished

I just needed to sew down the tabs... only a 5 minute job... so last night I did just that.
Now my sewing "tool" bag is complete... AnD
I just LoVe it.

* * * * *

Saturday, September 8, 2018

9 Patch... Part 2

Fabric has been sewn so that means more blocks are ready for the quilt... yeah.
Another 17 x 9 patch blocks for the FaNCy snowball quilt... pressed & waiting.
I'm on a RoLL... hip hip hooray...

This is what I got up to last night... at FNwF...
How did you go...
Achieve what you wanted to...?

* * * * *

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

SiGn Up ToDaY

A new month has begun & so this week we will have our monthly ...
Friday Night with Friends.
Simply add your blog address to the link below... then EnJoY some ME time on Friday night.
I'll have a NiCe slice to share & the kettle on ... OR the bottle chilling...
Remember to write a post about what you got up to at FNwF... & we'll all come by to see you.
We only ever encourage so even if you only add one stitch...we want to see it.

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* * * * *

On a RaiNy AFTeRNooN

you spend some time in your sewing room of course...
I made another "First Aid Pouch" filling it with medical "stuff" for a needed gift...

then I made a quilted scissor keep for holding my 9 inch scissors safe while travelling to retreats.
In 2009 it was a FREE pattern by Thimbleberries called Scissor Satchel .

SO all in all, a great use of a yucky - but much needed - rainy few hours...
* * * * *

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


that I've been wanting to make for ages & ages.
A sewing machine MaT... specially for taking to retreats.
I have a sew together bag... a pin cushion... & now a MaT... all in the same colourways & some same fabrics.
If I keep them all together with the tools inside then I wont forget anything while packing to go on retreat. Well ... that's the plan anyways...
Lots of pockets in the apron... small and double size... and a measure tape.
And just lOOk at the gorgeous backing fabric I had in my stash... PeRFecT...
The MaT is my own design and measures 24in wide and 18in deep... including the 5in apron.

I've added this make to my BMP challenge list for September.
* * * * *

Sunday, September 2, 2018

A SmaLL HanGeR

I designed & completed this QUILT wall hanger just before I went on holidays.
It was for a member of the Fat 1/4 Birthday Club... whose fav colour is ReD... & as Illene has now received it... I can show a pic here on my blog.
It's a simply hanger measuring 10in x 20in... with the letters Q U I L T appliqued onto the background fabric.
Then I added some cute buttons that I purchased from the Sydney Craft Show around the frame.
These buttons included a tape measure, sissors, sewing machine, needle, threads & a thimble.
I thought Illene might like to display it in her sewing room.

It was a FuN project to put together too.

* * * * *

Friday, August 31, 2018

OPAM for August

I'm extremely HaPPy this month as I completed 10 items.
Even though I was away in our caravan for most of the month, I managed to find quality ME time.
Thanks once again to PeG... & KRiS... for being the accountants.

* * * * *
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