AlphaBet ChaLLenGe

A partner "post finish" and a secret swap too.
I will issue a challenge to come up with 5 specific items, each one starting with a nominated letter of the alphabet, suggested by me each time. Items can be purchased but some should be handmade. Some will only be small while others more thoughtful. You will have 3 weeks to complete the challenge and after you have all the items together, you MUST post a pic on your blog to enter and then email me (if you don't own a blog-email me a photo). I will then allocate a partner for you to mail to.
* Unknown partner at time of challenge... allocated AFTER finish.
* Challenge issued several times thru the year on the 1st of the month.
* Handmade and purchased items will be needed.
* Challenge completed within 3 weeks... ie... by the 22st of relevant month
So... are you up for it?

1. You MUST post a pic/s on your blog (or email me a photo) of completed challenge to be eligible to enter.
2. Please email me your name & postal address together with a post link so I know you want to enter.
3. You MUST be prepared to send internationally... however I will do my utmost to keep the swap within the country you live in.
4. Enter each NEW challenge if and when you want to.
5. Entry will only be accepted AFTER I see a pic of the completed challenge items.
6. A different partner will be allocated each new challenge.
7. You will have 3 weeks to complete the challenge.
8. Mail out "items" asap after partners details received.

You may or may not receive from the same person you send to... so don't reveal your partner until she has received her challenge items.
Mail off the items as soon as you receive your partners details from me. Please remember I will try to give you a partner in the same country you live in HOWEVER from time to time you MAY be asked to mail o/s so please fulfil this obligation when required to.
Please don't disappoint your partner. If you would be HaPPy to receive your challenge items then it will be OK to mail them to your partner. Everyone will have a different level of skill so just enjoy the fact that someone special fulfilled this challenge for YOU!
Make sure you EnJoy this challenge and have some FuN putting it together.
Let's face it.. we all want to enjoy our crafting!
I will make a random draw from the challenge entrants each time, for a small gift... 
from Me to YoU!

Kindly add the "Challenge" button to your blog... please spread the word... the more the merrier!
It should be a lot of FuN... don't you think!

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