OnCe a SeaSon SwaP

SeCrEt SwAp
* This swap happens 4 times a year... 
   Autumn-Winter-Spring-Summer (Australian seasons).
     I know they are in reverse for anyone living in the northern hemisphere,   but I like to keep them the same.
* Registration opens - 15th of January-April-July-October.
   Closing - 25th of relevant month.
   Partners out by the end of the month.
* Mailing deadline - the end of  February-May-Aug-November.

* You have 1 month to create something special for your partner so please don't let her down by NOT sending or by being late. Contact me if there are ANY problems, sickness or injury. We all understand that LiFe sometimes gets in the way of craft!
* You MUST register for each seasons swap individually. I will always do a post inviting/reminding you. Please check that YOUR name is on the list each time. 
* International bloggers are welcome
* I will do my utmost to have you mail to the same country that you live in. 
* It's a SECRET swap... and you probably won't receive from the same person you send to.
* You will have a different partner for each season.
if you let your partner down, I will name and shame.

*  The gift/s you send is your choice. It can be purchased or handmade... whatever you like... but it MUST be themed for each season. A magazine, coffee & chocolate for the winter swap would be wonderful...NOT a summer sun tote. And you wouldn't send a spring flower tea towel in Autumn. As the summer one falls in December please keep it summer and NOT a Christmas item.
*   Usually in this swap a little more thought is needed than say the Lets Exchange swap.
*  Please... you have permission to "stalk" your secret partner for what she may like in colours or styles etc... and you can even post pic's on your blog... after all she won't know...
*   The most important thing is just to be ON TIME with your mailing.
*  I do keep records of partners so you will have someone new each season (whenever possible) that's why NEW players are always most welcome... so please spread the word by adding the button to your blog!
Come on... JoiN In... you'll have FuN I'm sure !!!