SanTa SacK SwaP

Please visit the Santa Sack Swap BLOG at ... for ALL the details.

This swap is a six (6) month commitment
and requires the sending of 
five (5) gifts (majority to be HANDMADE) ... PLUS one (1) sack,stocking OR tote...
 i.e...  6 gifts in total

This is NOT a secret swap... so you must introduce yourself to your swap partner. 
It's always nice to meet someone new & to get to know them a little.
Just her gifts are to be kept secret.

Any NEW-TO-ME swappers who want to join in this swap
MUST have an active blog... 
OR be recommended by someone I know.

All partners will be located in the SAME country. 
Unfortunately some swappers may miss out due to this fact... 
however if you advise me that you are happy to send overseas... 
or you would PREFER to send O/S... then I'll do my best to accommodate you.

Swap OPENS...June 1st
Please leave your name via a comment on the Santa Sack Swap JUNE 1st blog post ONLY.

Registration CLOSES...June 8th
Partners out by June 10th

Mailing deadline is... NOVEMBER 25th.
 Opening Date...   TBA in December.

You will be unable to leave a comment on this page.