LeTs ExChaNgE

SigN uP FoR SoMe FuN...
Lets Exchange is a simple, usually quick... and most of all, nice and easy swap. 
You actually know what to make and also what little extra "tuck in" gift to include before you sign up... so it's uncomplicated with very few decisions needed.  HoW GooD Is ThaT !

Lets Exchange is a "PartNer by ChaNcE" swap and it is NOT a secret swap.
I will invite players to register a few times a year but registrations will always open on the 15th of any selected Month and close on the 25th. You will have plenty of time to make your item and organise the extra little "tuck in" gift.
*  Please mail out your "exchange" to your partner by the required date.
*  A different partner will be allocated each new exchange.
*  Lets Exchange is open to international bloggers.
*  I will do my utmost to keep postage within the same country of residence.
*  Please contact your partner if there are ANY problems which may cause you to be late. Communication is a wonderful tool to use.
*  Unfortunately if you let your partner down...I will name and shame.
The exchange item and extra tuck in, will be announced each swap.
There is NO need to add anything else.
You have permission to stalk your partner's blog to see what colours, style etc she may like... or simply AsK her anything you might like to know! Of course keep the design of the item a secret until your partner has received it. After all, it's always nice looking forward to receiving a gift isn't it!
Try to give the gift the way you would like to receive it.

THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is to be ON TIME with your mailing out. 
Please don't disappoint your partner.
The MOST important thing is to have FuN and EnJoY.