Saturday, August 7, 2010

African "AidsBaby" Tees

I was asked over a year ago by my sister-in-law to knit some baby tee-shirts or vests for a local charity in Cooma NSW to keep infants warm. The charity in turn forwarded them to Africa where tiny babies who were suffering from aids were given them. Now the charity has found a need for these vests here in Australia for Aboriginal babies. Of course they do not have to be suffering from a disease but are just needed to make life a little warmer for a little one. The pattern is VERY easy and all you need to use is 8ply wool or acrylic and in any colour/s (preferably not light colours) and there are 3 sizes you can make. It's a great way to use up scraps. If anyone would like the simple pattern please email me for details. I will also give you my mailing address so my sister-in-law can pass them along.This is a "feel good" past time & I have received various THANK YOU's from the local group and many photo's of them distributing these vests.
Maybe you would like to help?


Helen said...

Hello Cheryll,

It would appear that a "welcome to blog land" is in order!!! So, a very warm welcome to you!

I belong to a craft group which meets fortnightly so I'll put the proposal to them that we make up some of the knitted baby vests. If you would like to send me the pattern, I will take it along to our next meeting which is Tuesday after next.

Thanks for following my blog.... I'm having a give-a-way soon (my first) so stay tuned!!!

I like your christmas projects, I have just today prepared some embroidery pieces for this coming Christmas .. I like to have some hand sewing with me at all times:-)))

Happy sewing!

Cheryll said...

Thanks for the welcome and I'll send the pattern along via email. Please say "THANK YOU" to your group...and it's MY pleasure to follow your blog. :)

Narelle said...

I remember my mother also making some of these for Africa.

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