Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back from Melbourne

My younger daughter and I took off on a 4 day "girls only" shopping spree and flew to Melbourne Victoria. It was wonderful to spend quality time with her & we certainly satisfied the "bug" within !! We spent heaps, laughed a lot and walked ourselves into the ground.... what a GREAT time. I did manage to visited one material shop (can't believe it was ONLY one) but found a really cute panel. My daughter wants me to make a gift for her friend (newly expecting) so I decided to follow an idea I got from Sue (Quilt Block Swaps- Australia) and use the panel for a quilted floor rug for the new baby. It's her 1st baby so she should get a lot of use from THANKS Sue for the inspiration. Unfortunately I had to wave a sad good-bye to my daughter this afternoon as she returned to her home to be ready for that dirty four letter word....W O R K.

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