Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where you really Beanie?

That's such an OLD joke...enough already.
Off to Alice Springs
Here is part 2 of my knitting for Outback Babes with "beanies" to keep the little ones warm. They are very easy and fast to knit up and best of all you get to use all the left over yarn in the stash bucket. These are only a few of the bundle my sister-in-law and myself have sent off...but you can see how cute they are. If anyone wants to knit up some, just email me and I'll send the pattern....too easy!


Maria said...

They are so cute Cheryll but if was to try and knit the babes would be teenagers before I finish one.

crafty pug said...

very lovely -well done, and good on you for helping out! it is on my list of things to do to learn to knit one day...i have tried to learn off of the internet videos but with limited success....my things don't look like they are meant to!!!!
he he

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