Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I've posted a pic of  "Mums Sewing Room" on this blog and although it is unfinished (for the moment)  a few friends asked me where the pattern came from? I shared that with them, then I had the thought " I should share a pic of the buttons I stitched on too". I used this choice of buttons just to make it more like a real sewing room.... so here they are. I would love to see a pic sometime in the future of what buttons they used. There are soooooo many cute, funky and down right adorable buttons out there you can find almost anything you good is that!


Maria said...

Oh what gorgeous buttons Cheryll.
I love buttons!!!

crafty pug said...

i love buttons!!!! so far i have resisted collecting because i don't think i could stop...these ones are particularly adorable - especially the tape measure

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