Tuesday, September 21, 2010

While Hubby's Away... the Quilter Can Play !

It's not that I like him being away or anything.....but there's ALwaYs an UP side to everything!
While he is off with his golfing mates for 3 days...I can go do LoTsA sewing.... NO cooking (or not much anyway) and definitely NO housework (well ...only the essentials) but you get the idea. How GOOD is that ! !
I might even live life on the wild side and NOT answer the phone !!!  Go Girl ! 
Hubby won't have service so that's not an issue.... but then again my children might call ...so.....??

Anyway..... I thought I might be a nuisance and write a nightly post about what I've accomplished!
I can do that at any time too !  Life is just gettin' better!

So visit again tonight to see the first day's accomplishments. 
Hope you enjoy a peek-a-boo into my "cubbyhole" day.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a plan, maybe I need to send my hubby away for a weekend.

Maria said...

Oh Cheryll have fun enjoying ME time. I love it.

Kirsten said...

Oh what a great idea. My husband's also gone for three days...but I have towork all day and the kids want some of my time in the evenings. But I'll bee excited to stop by again and see what you got done.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Enjoy your sewing time!

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