Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CLeVeR LittLe PuGgY

ThAnK YoU OnCe AgAiN
This morning I found another package on my doorstep. Obviously it didn't fit in the letterbox so it was left at the front entrance. A short sharp knock on the door preceded a thump on the ground.

I looked out and this is what I found. The very Crafty Pug had mailed a wonderful BOL to me to be added to the drive. Again, I am astounded at the generous nature of some people.
Quilters are AmAzInG !!

Givers of their TiMe, EneRgY and cReAtiViTy.
How lucky I am I to have such people I can call  FRIENDS !

What a clever & crafty PuG !

What a WoNdErFuL addition to the BoX and again I say a heart felt THANK YOU  to Crafty Pug.
This Blanket of Love will be cherished by the family who receives it.

* * *


Maria said...

Lovely quilt and lovely person too.
What size are the blankets of love??

Brigitte said...

That Crafty is an amazing person. What size are they?

Tarnyia said...

Isn't it great to have crafty friends with such big hearts xxxxxxxxxx

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