Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 10 of the GiVeAwAy

For a short while, in the 17th century Britain, the Puritans banned Christmas as they felt it had simply become associated with gambling, flamboyant public behaviour and over indulgence in food and drink....
Hmmm... "Has anything really changed" ?.......

On the 10th Day of Christmas
My Blogger Friend Gave to Me

10 Cards for Sending
(10 Lords a Leaping)
WON by:   Sue.... from Quilted Hugs & Other Nonsense.

9 Ribbon Meters
won by; Toni
8 Pins for Holding
won by: Caren
7 Labels for Stitching
won by; Bubz Rugz
6 Paws a Sticking
won by; Christine
5 Silver Needles
won by; Michelle
4 Festive Fabrics
won by; Bobbie B
3 embroidery Threads
won by; Chook
2 Christmas Wrappings
won by; Maxabella Loves
And a Book full of Inspiration
won by; Crafty Pug.

I have a village (I'll show a pic a little later) but I also have this Santa scene that is very cute!
Perhaps next year I'll have a cover for the table made from my swap partners blocks..... that would be WoNdErFuL.

a newly found treasure...

even the aminals get in on the act...

Cute couple eh?
AND now the Day 10 "ChRiStMaS ChEEr"..... 


Stray Stitches said...

The giraffe in reindeer horns is just too cute!

Congrats to Sue!

Michelle said...

My sister just bought a pair of those antlers for her dog! Lol

Congratulations to Sue... Loving all of your Christmas decorations :0)

Tarnyia said...

How I wish I could pop over for a cuppa and see all your Christmas decorations... well done Sue on your win xxxx

Anita said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful Christmas decorations. I bet you have stacks of fun at Christmas time. Kind regards, Anita.

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