Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 7 of the GiVeAwAy

Did you know that in Italian tradition, the good witch La Befanna rides her broomstick, distributing presents to children (Santa's not to big in Italian folklore)...but that's just for the good children.
If you've been bad, she'll leave you a lump of coal or a bag of ash!!   errr...

Saint Nick

Just as well SanTa visits our hOusE...


Even Twin Santa's.

On the 7th Day of Christmas
My Blogger Friend Gave to Me
7  Labels for Stitching
    (7  Swans a Swimming)
Won by: Fiona  at Bubz Rugz

6 Paws a Sticking
     won by: Christine
5 Silver Needles
     won by: Michelle
4 Festive Fabrics
     won by: Bobbie B
3 Embroidery Threads
     won by: Chook
2 Christmas Wrappings
     won by: Maxabella Loves
And a Book full of Inspiration
won by: Crafty Pug


The Quilting Pirate said...

Congrats to Fiona!

Tarnyia said...

WOOHOO well done Fiona... hey Cheryll does Saint Nick dance??? xxx

Caren Kristine said...

What lovely labels! Congrats Fiona.

BubzRugz said...

Your 12 days of Christmas makes such a fun blog read.... I am so glad La Beffana has decided I have been good.....

Maria said...

Congratulations Fiona.

Anonymous said...

Great Labels - congratulations Fiona :0)

Glad Santa visits our house too x

Sue B said...

Well done Fiona ! Such cute santa's., You put me to shame I have not even got my tree up yet.

Rochelle said...

Congratulations Fiona, how very generous of you Cheryll.
Can't wait to see what you are offering tomorrow :-)
How fun!

Stray Stitches said...

Congratulations to Fiona! I have never heard of La Befanna before. I'm glad we have Santa too!

gill said...

You know I kinda assumed everyone had Santa Claus in one guise or another but a good witch on a broomstick sounds good!

Robyns Home in the Mountains said...

Posted your December block and loved it..Nicer in life than on a photo..anyway thank you again

kasthurirajam said...


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