Monday, December 6, 2010

CaTcHiN Up

Add Another Book To The Library...
I ordered a book "501 Rotary Cut Blocks " by Judy Hopkins over a month ago and wondered if it would ever arrive.... but finally it did!
I have several other block books upstairs but as you can NeVeR have enough books, I used the excuse that I NeeDeD it for my swap groups... haha... sounded GooD at the time.... and after a quick browse through the pages... YES I think it was a good purchase.

StAy at HoMe RoBiN
I didn't get a chance to do round 5 in November so I had to catch it up. I also managed to complete Round 6 for December too .... I'm on a RoLL at the moment with catching up.... yeh!!
I do have a plan with this SAHR now... even though it might not LoOk like it...
so watch this space in January 2011.

Come back and visit again around NooN for the  Day 6 WiNNeR
Maybe it's YoU !

Round 5 - November 2010

Round 6 - December 2010


Michelle said...

I'm such a book-o-holic and you are RIGHT - you can never have too many :0)

Fab blocks!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I think that is a great book. Glad that it finally arrived. Have fun!

The Quilting Pirate said...

I love your SAHR! I need to work on my RR6. OOoo I hope it's me today! :)

Christine said...

the blocks look great...always need books!!

Tarnyia said...

Love your 2 blocks... and books go well with a cuppa and a choccy xxx

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