Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My WeDnEsDaY

Just some of the fabric chosen.

Seeing the weather pixies weren't playing fair today....yep it's raining AgAiN.... I decided to wash some fabric I wanted to use in a block and not wait until the sun was shining. It managed to dry so after pressing it I cut out a 9 patch block in the autumn colours my December partner Pat wished for and then subsequently finished it for her. I will post it off tomorrow with Santa's helper (aka Australia post] taking it across the waves to Oregon USA. 
Merry Christmas Pat.
Hope this fits in with your plans.

So I don't spoil her surprise!

Helen aka- Aunty Hennys posted me a huge package which arrived by courier this afternoon. I am astounded by the generous nature of some people and Helen's craft group (The Toowong Stitching & Friendship Group) is a group of them! Look at what they have made for Aboriginal babies. I previously posted a story here about where these little tees go and Helen very graciously took the idea to her craft group and voila!!.... this lovely bunch of tees are now waiting to be delivered. Three ladies, Phyllis, Dot and Joyce (who I believe is 95 years young) donated their time and effort.
They are Just WoNdErFuL... and ThAnK YoU so very much!

Helen also enclosed a little bit of Christmas Cheer for Me..
Very thoughtful Helen!  Thank You!


joyce said...

I love the little tees that were sent to you. I wish I knew how to knit. It's on my list to learn how this next year as I've run out of time this year. Oops. I like your fabrics you used in the block also.

Maria said...

The old airer is just the best. Use my all the time. Even in the summer to dry things under the verandah.
Helen is so nice as is her helpers.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great tees! What a lovely package.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous little tee's!

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