Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Bit of ThiS & ThAt

A few months back I joined in the "Random Act of Kindness" (RAK) group organised by Maree from On My Verandah and on Monday I posted off my package. Now I'll just have to wait and see if my unaware recipient likes what I sent her. With this type of project it makes it FuN to wait to see if the mailman will deliver a RAK to me, so the daily chore to the box at around noon is with anticipation. Of course it could take months if ever for me to receive a random act of kindness... but that's OK.. as I get a lot of enjoyment out of sending.
The lovely Crafty Pug had a giveaway of some magazines on her blog and I was LuCkY enough to WiN.
I have already found a few projects that I've added
to my "To Do" list.
So a big ThAnK YoU to Crafty.

Just a reminder too, that sign ups will close next Tuesday,15th March at midnight (EST Australia) for
 Lets Exchange.
We are making a 16in x 10in casserole hot pad. Please see earlier post of Feb 15th (or use "exchange" in the  search tab on my sidebar) or click here for details if you are interested and have not registered your name with me. It should be a quick and easy swap and a whole lot of FuN! We have 28 players so far so you could swap with your neighbour or someone from around the world.
How GooD is ThAT!
Please expect to post out no later than April 15th... so you have a month to prepare your masterpiece...lol!
Spread the word... the more the merrier!  : )
I will email names on March 16th... and please remember to keep it to yourself... sshh.. it's a secret!
EnJoY !

I read this in a magazine somewhere....
Allow yourself down time, to daydream... stare at your fabric... ideas need incubation time!
Enter a swap or competition. Nothing like a deadline to motivate creative production and stretch creative vision...


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh I so agree with your last lines. This is why I love swaps. A chance to create, try a new technique, try a new fabric or color, try a new block - fun sewing time.

donna said...

Cheryll I would love to join in. It is so funny because of our time difference I had read your Monday's post. It is still Monday here. hehehe I really need to get with the time difference. Thank you so much for signing me up.

Bec said...

Your very organised having your RAK ready to post! I am also sending this month and have my parcel togehter but not wrapped or sent yet. This is fun!
Congratulations on winning the magazines, it's so nice to go through a new to you mag for the first time!
Looking forward to seeing the hgotpads when tey are swapped, I will sit this swap out this time but will enjoy watching it.

Phoenix Heirlooms said...

Lucky You on winning those mags - I love the Australian mags and they are one of my extravagences as they cost a lot to get them in the UK - I hope you get a parcel soon !

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