Monday, March 21, 2011

What a SuRpRiSe !

I received 2 lovely blocks from my March partner in Quilting Blocks Swap Australia group. Alicia was generous sending me 2 blocks... so ThAnK YoU very much !

Bear Track Block in Autumn tones.

My block to Alicia, was made using green tones... in a block called "Memory" so I hope Alicia likes it.
It should be received any day now at her home in Oklahoma USA.

A very unexpected package arrived for me today from a lovely lady (Sheryl) in the RAK group. It was totally a "big time" SuRpRiSe and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face either! This it what the delivery man handed over to me at my front door.

Then I opened the wrapping to reveal this beauty.......
And inside was another gift... all wrapped up so pretty!
I received a wonderful little bag... so well made... and a lovely black fluffy hand knitted scarf! Am I lucky or WhAt !!!!!
Thank You just seems so inadequate Shez.. as this was just sooo nice of you to think of Me!
I received  lots of comments  about the wonderful block I used on FNSI, called the disappearing nine patch. SO ... it got me to thinking ...
" I wonder if everyone knows the formula, for working out sizes" ?.... so in case you don't know, here it is:
Start with a block size... lets say 5in.
5x3=15 divided by 2 = 7 1/2 in, minus 1 = 6 1/2 in, block after cutting.
So a 4 in block becomes a 5in block, a 5 in becomes a 6 1/2 in, 6in becomes 8in and 7in becomes 9 1/2in.
If you change the way you re-arrange the blocks after cutting... you can make lots of different patterns emerge! Hope this helps?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely blocks received and sent. And yes, you should be smiling - great gifts. I just love the fluffy scarf.

I have taught the D9P, but only JUST made my first full quilt with it - how odd. Have you tried the D4P - that is on my to-do list for April.

Anonymous said...

What lovely blocks you got of Alicia Cheryll and i am glad you love your gifts and thankyou for being you,i told you Karma works well,lol.

Val said...

All the swap blocks look great and that surprise present looks gorgeous.

donna said...

Cheryll you are a lucky girl. I love the blocks and the gift shez sent you awesome. I can not wait to get start on the swap.

Crafty Chookie said...

You are a very lucky girl indeed..A cute gift..
and lovely blocks from the both of you.
Smiles to you from,

Narelle said...

Lovely blocks and your scarf will be lovely for the coming winter.
Thanks for the sizing advice ... just to be clear if I start with 9 x 5" blocks I'll end up with a 6 1/2" disappearing nine patch?

Cheryll said...

Actually Narelle... you get 4 x 6 1/2in blocks after starting with 9x5in blocks.
After you make it.. it will all become clear... I promise!!!

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