Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My MaiNe MuG RuG....

I actually sent my mug rug to Maine USA... to Pat... in Leona's Mug Rug swap some time ago.
I have already shown pic's of the fabulous things I received from Pat... but I didn't want to show what I sent until it arrived.
Now it has!
Because Pat said she was interested in Aboriginal print or Aussie fabric... I thought it fitting to send a rug made in these two preferences. Pat liked my choice and has displayed it on her blog.
Go by and visit for awhile.... HERE.


I saw a book somewhere in blogland... and I wanted it... so I searched around and found it on a friends blog... how cool... so I ordered it- from Sandy - at Cookies and Cream Craft.
You should drop by and see if there is anything you may like.
Talk about  F-A-S-T  delivery... here it is!
It's .. Get red red ready for Christmas... by Natalie Ross.
I guess I should have at least one Christmas book...shouldn't I ?
If you like stitchery... this book has some great ideas and patterns.

Another package arrived this morning too... from Maria in WA.
Maria sent me my May block (bear paw) in autumn tones (quilting block swaps australia) and isn't it stunning. I am so lucky to be receiving these beautiful blocks from very talented ladies.

Maria also sent over three (3) BLaNkEtS of LoVe ...and once again Maria has made "sweet wee quilts" as quoted... and of course they are much appreciated!
Thanks Maria.... you are an AnGeL!


Anonymous said...

what beautiful blankets of love,Maria did a marvelous job of them and your block.
How funny i bought the same book when i had the family day out in Daylesford about 4-6 weeks ago,lol.
Cheryl your mug rug you made is fantastic,love the aussie flavour.

BubzRugz said...

Lots of lovely eye candy here... I love the mugrug you made... but then kookaburra's are so special...

Maria said...

Oh I must check up on that beautiful book.

Linda said...

I'm sure Pat is thrilled! You did a great job.

Kathy said...

Hi Cheryl, the book looks great, Natalie Ross is one of my favourites. The little snowman is so cute, I would love to have a white Christmas one day.

Stray Stitches said...

The mug rug you made for Pat is fantastic!

Narelle said...

The mug rug is truly Australian ... love the Kookaburra!

donna said...

I am going to have to try and find that book. You are right about Cookies and Cream I have ordered stuff and it was here in no time. And I am in the USA. Love your bear paw block.
The blanks of Love are so cute. That is a wonderful thing ya'll are doing.

Allie said...

The mug rug you made for Pat is gorgeous! Love the leaf blocks and those small quilts, enjoy your new book, it looks good!

Val said...

I love those Christmas stitcheries. The reindeer are very cute. Your mug rug and blocks look great.

Ullhärvan said...

I really love the mug rug with the kookaburra on it! I can´t find any aboriginal or aussie fabric here in Sweden sadly enough.

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