Saturday, June 25, 2011

ChriStmaS SaCk - A JuNe IteM

Narelle hosts a group every month where we are encouraged to make one Xmas item and keep it until Christmas. That way we'll all be a little better prepared for December... ever notice how it sneeks up on us all each this is what I finished for this month.  I can only show you a peek today as it's part of the Santa Sack Swap.
You'll get to see this one and the item from last month.... tomorrow!
This is just to prove I did indeed make an item... just in case you thought I was fudging!

I think these sacks qualify for this project...
after all...  they ARE for Christmas ?
Why not drop by and visit Narelle to see what every other elf  has made this month.


Love Bears All Things said...

I still haven't made my Santa Sack but I will get busy and get it done before the deadline...I'm wondering: Does yours fasten at the top? This is my first year to join in and I've been puzzled. I guess it doesn't matter what we make as long as it will hold all the presents we send, so it really doesn't have to close at the top.
I'll be interested to see yours.
Mama Bear

Linda said...

very intriguing. I'm guessing it has a candy cane on it.

shez said...

Chez you teaser,what you can see looks very nice,oh i love xmas,and this is going to be such a fun swap,cant wait to see everyones posts at xmas time.

Narelle said...

They definately qualify :)
Lovely Christmas sacks full of treats ... what's not to love.

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