Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My PooR PoStiE

I arrived home  to a mountain of mail... you just don't realise how much mail you have delivered until it mounts up... but also with the letters I received a few packages from blogger friends. Now, in no particular order... this is what I received.
How thoughtful are some people......

My friend Sheryl over at - http://shez-enjoyinglife.blogspot.com sent me two beautiful little Blankets of Love

so a big  ThAnK yOu  Shez  for them. I hope you have placed an "Angel" on your blog so everyone will know how generous you are. If you want to know more about "Blankets of Love" just click here.
S is for SUNSHINE and SHEZ...

Shez also included another "Bread Basket" for me as she wasn't happy with her last effort (although I most definitely was) but I just Love this one too! Again ThAnKs Shez!
The owl fabric is just too cute!

Then this huge box was waiting to be opened. It was from Donna - http://donnaslavendernest.blogspot.com
Donna and I actually caught up in Texas and Donna is a real sweetie. Of course I already knew that.... BUT this box of fabric just proves my inital impression of her was correct. How very generous of a quilter to give away soooo much fabric. Thimbleberries... one of my favourites!

I received a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from Pat who returned the kindness after my package was delivered a few months back. Thanks Pat, I love all the things enclosed.

I'll recharge my camera battery and take a pic later.
I had better get to the local shopping centre now and do some food shopping.... or else.... because the fridge is VeRy empty and hubby would like to eat tonight.... grin... or so he tells me.
I would rather go to my cubbyhole and sew..... sigh... after all "eating is so over rated!...
oh well... there's always ToMoRRoW !
HuGz ... ChERyLL


Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

Welcome home!
what a lovely way be greeted back home with some gorgeous goodies - love that bread basket ;-)

Laurie said...

Welcome back Cheryl... after sad start ... it seems you had a great trip... lovely photo's of USA ...I used to live in Ohio and would love to have stayed there in retirement but was not to be ...but the pictures sort of made me need a trip back ...may be next year. "Time to stitch everyone" hugs Laurie

Anonymous said...

By gee its good to have you back,safe and sound.oxoxo

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I saw all of Chez items on her blog - lucky you and such wonderful blankets. Oh, Thimbleberries and look how many! Have fun with those.

donna said...

I love the blankets of LOVE from Shez. They are beautiful. Awww Cheryll you are so sweet and I am so glad you like the fabrics.

Linda said...

It's always nice to be back home except for all the things that just wait for your attention. Welcome back!

Allie said...

You sure did get some lovely mail, Cheryll - love that fabric and the owl basket!

Kathy said...

What lovely parcels, you lucky thing!

Know what you mean about grocery shopping...my cupboard has never been so bare since I left work and resumed sewing! After all, if you have to shop - why wouldn't you rather visit a fabric store than the supermarket?

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