Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My LiTtLe SeW-A-ThoN !

While hubby's away, this sewer can play.....
slightly modified to suit the occasion... grin.
My other half took off at 7.oo am this morning for his annual 4 day golf trip with some old mates. Of course I had to fill my time in somehow... no housework to do except to make the bed... so I headed up to my cubbyhole.
First things first... take a good cup of tea with me...!

I wanted to add a little pillow to my niece's gift basket... so I made this "shhh... pillow". It can hang on any door knob to remind visitors that the little man is asleep.

Then I added the label to the finished "Balloon Baby" floor play rug that I put together. This is such a bright and colourful quilt that I'm sure my niece will LoVe it. It will keep baby "K" on a clean and warm surface... and once he's a little older, a stimulating one too!

This quilt is 35in x 44in.
I also made a mini pudding... just to add to a gift pack for Christmas... and I liked it so much, I made two!  I think I'll have to make some more later on as well.
The pattern is in the book "Get red, red, ready for Christmas " by Natalie Ross.
Isn't it a cutie pie pudding!

Then it was time to stop my little "sew-a-thon" and drive to my hairdressing appointment... darn it!

Back home AGAIN.... all beautiful once again... hahahaaaa !
The rest of the afternoon was taken up by another project. A knee rug. I planned and roughly sketched out my layout... located a pattern... found some fabrics... cut out some shapes... and put this block together.
Design by "Simply Homespun"- Farmyard Express by Janelle Wind 2002
Perhaps later on tonight I'll have something else ready for the rug... but I'll see how tired I get.
Thanks for visiting my "sew-a-thon".  Please come back again...


Christine M said...

You've certainly been busy Cheryll. I bet you'll have a lot to show us by the time your husband comes back home! Love your pudding.

Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

What fun! and wonderful projects :)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

So busy Cheryll, love all ypur projects

Narelle said...

Oooo I love a good sew-a-thon! You've been very busy.
I'd like to make a couple of mini puddings for this month, they're so 'sweet'.
Nice tractor :)

Teresa Felgueiras said...

What a great way to spend your time. I wish I could have a sew-a-thon- too. I love your xmas mini pudding.

Fiona said...

Definitely play time.... I love all your projects... espcially the shhhh pillow!!

Anonymous said...

oh my what a little pocket rocket you have been,well done on all these projects Chez,this little boy is going to be spoiled rotten by great Aunty Chez.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Love your sew-a-thon. It is nice to have ome alone time to do as you please. Great projects.

Cheryl said...

A wonderful way to spend the day and I love all your projects!

Maria said...

Oh Yes I just love my ME time too.
You have been very productive in the cubbyhole.
Beautiful projects Cheryll.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

See how much you can get done when no one is around and no interuptions! Just love the tractor pattern. So many wonderful things Cheryll.

Val said...

Such a lot of sewing!The little baby asleep pillow is cute and I love the pudding.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Cheryll, Yes, Furio is great company and a great source of entertainment, too. Love all the projects from your 'Sew-a-thon' - I made a ballooning quilt for a girlfriend's baby a few years back - very similar design. It is so cute, isn;t it?

Hugs, kaye xoxox

ANudge said...

So many great projects! I love that baby pillow.
I should schedule one of those sew-thons

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