Friday, February 10, 2012

WeekS EnD

Although I don't have a lot more of my sewing to show this week... mainly because the projects I'm working on are secret "things"... I can show a peek of my gifts I've made for the "Christmas Thru the Year" group coming up at the end of February.
If you want to join in... visit HERE and get a little better prepared for Christmas. It's a FuN way to meet up every month and encourage fellow crafters.
I used these bits and pieces to make 6 gifts that are all ready and waiting.

I've spotted lots of "hearts" on blogs and Teri asked me to show her "heart" & other gifts too, that she received from Melissa in the Initial Heart Swap. Teri doesn't have a blog.

Notice the initials TJ?

Isn't it clever !

I received word from my partner Helen in New Zealand that my "little house" in the ornament swap hosted by FOUR HAPPY VIOLETS had been received.  Here's a pic...

AND... great timing... Helen's arrived THIS morning... yippee!

Isn't it a little cutie....

Finally... a certainly NOT the least important... Maria from HERE sent me another 3 (three) Blankets of Love for the hospital. These are just peeks... you can go HERE to see the beauties Maria made and read about this wonderful and thoughtful project.
Maria... you are a 2012 AnGeL... again.
Proudly display the button on your wonderful blog.
Thank You so very much!!!

 This gorgeous fabric is on the back!
What a cute face you have....

thoughtful HEART quilting.


Anonymous said...

whow great post Chez,love seeing all the initial hearts out there in blogland,they are all so cute,what a great swap this one has been.
How cute are those little houses,well done ladies they are adorable.Well done to Maria on her blankets of love.
Enjoy your day Chez.xx

lisa said...

firstly LOVE the house i have just finished mine ..second oh i love the christmas through the year idea!!!! I have a massive list of christmas stuff way to get organised.!! putting button on my blog remind my self.

how awesome is that heart! so pretty . im stalking my po box every day bahahahahaha :)

those blankets are so PRECIOUS well done Maria ♥


Christine M said...

How cute are those houses! I wish I'd signed up for that swap. Maybe next time. Melissa was very clever adding Terri's initials to her heart. Maria outdoes herself again!

Allie said...

Lots of lovely hearts all around blogland, hon! Love those little houses too, very sweet!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Lovely post and lots of hearts and houses floating around at the moment :o) Enjoy your weekend

Vroomans' Quilts said...

A wonderful sharing post. It's tuff when it is all things you can't even risk a peek at - that's what I have been working on too - no peekers. Those little houses are just too cute! And so wonderful are those blankets gifted on - quilters are the best.

Kathy said...

Well it should go without saying that I LOVE the little house ornament :) And I have a weakness for orange - and Granny Squares - so love these. I have just posted a sneaky peak at a swap I'm launching next week - they are so much fun - the giving and receiving!

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Lovely hearts, beautiful houses and lots of goodies.Great week. I'm also working on surprise swaps, it's a pitty we can't show the stuff until it has arrived.

Narelle said...

Those little houses are so adorable!
Beautiful hearts :)

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