Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to Make

Hubby and I are going to visit DD2 this week and as she is a therapist in the Cancer Care unit at a hospital I thought I would take down the "cancer bags" I've made in recent times. I feel this is another worthwhile project.

This got me to thinking... perhaps you would like to see how easy they are to make and then perhaps you'll find time in your schedule to make one and donate it. They are super easy... so here goes...

1. Pick out some nice strong fabric (heavier weight is better as each bag will need to hold 2 x 500ml bottles). Off cuts of curtain fabric is perfect... or just use whatever you have in your stash. You will also need a lining fabric, calico, lawn or similar...I use old sheeting.
2. Cut 2 pieces, 12inch x 17inch, in outer fabric and 2 lining pieces the same size.
3. Cut 1 small rectangle 3in x 5in
4. Cut a long strap 2 1/2 in wide by 56 in long. You may need to join lengths but I just purchased a cording or strapping from my LQS.
Here we go...
Cut out fabric.

If you are using plain fabric and want to applique a cute design on the front to jazz it up... NOW is the time to add that.
Placing right sides together of outer fabric stitch a 1/4 in seam along side seams and bottom.

Lay flat because we're now ready to shape the base.

To form the base, pinch together the bottom corners- align the side seam on top of the bottom seam. Mark down 1 1/2in from corner point and sew across at right angles to the other seam... like this...

Do the same on the other corner. The bottom of the bag should look like this... finger press.
Turn the bag right side out... and set aside.

Make the lining the same way BUT leave an opening along one side seam to turn bag thru later. LEAVE it inside out. Set aside.

It must be time for a coffee right about now...

Back again... and we're almost finished. Hard to believe eh?

Take the 3in x 5in rectangle (tab) and fold in half.
With right sides together sew down the 5in length. Turn tube right side out and finger press.
Fold in half again. Position it about 1/2 inch in from side seam and pin to the right side of outer fabric.
Stitch with a scant 1/4 inch seam.
Do the same for the strap... positioning the end 1/2 inch from opposite seam and on other side of bag.
Stitch with a scant 1/4 inch seam as well.
I'll give you details at the end of this post, on how to make a fabric strap. I used the purchased cording here.
Make sure to finish off the loose end.
Now place the outer bag into the lining bag. Tuck the tab and strap between the 2 layers and pin together matching side seams. Sew around the top.
Turn the bag the right way out, thru the hole in the lining, then stitch close the lining opening.
Flatten out and top stitch the top of the bag neatly.
I added a "Made By"embroidery... just to personalise it a little.
But that's up to you!
ALL FINISHED... now sit back and admire your craftiness!
The strap is simply threaded thru the tab and knotted at the correct length.
To make a fabric strap, fold in 1/2 down the length of the strip and tuck in the 1/4 inch seam allowance. Pin and sew... remembering to also tuck in a raw edge on loose end.
I hope you found this "How To" useful... and perhaps you'll make a bag to donate?
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Gisela Suski said...

Thank you for leaving a tutorial, we love making bags for our nursing home residents.

Fiona said...

Well done Cheryl... it's always so much easier to follow something in pictures...

Linda said...

Thank you for this. I guess the bags are for IV fluids? I have never seen one. This looks like a great cause.

Cheryll said...

Actually they are for "drains" after breast cancer surgery.
Women (& men)get only a pillow case to take the bottles home in. These are so much nicer for patients to carry around!

shez said...

i agree with what Fiona said Chez ,will get some done soon.xx

Kathy said...

Great tutorial Cheryll :) and a great cause. I have made similar ones for friends. Anythings that makes life a little easier for someone dealing with illness is worthwhile.
Hugs, kathy

Maria said...

You are always so kind Cheryll.
Great tutorial and I will also make some bags...

Allie said...

This is such a brilliant idea, thank you hon for the great tutorial!!!!

O'faigh said...

Hello Cheryll, such a worthy cause.....I made some for our local hospital...Warm Regards, O'faigh

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Great cause and great tutorial. I added a link to this on my google+ hoping to spread the word a little.

Cheryll said...

Thank You so very much!

Rochelle @ Gladys and Maude said...

Thank you so much for sharing this Cheryll. I visited my girlfriend yesterday who has had her drain in for three weeks longer than usual due to complications.
She showed me her plain oul pale pink bag and asked if I could make some pretty ones for her to return.
Although someone had made her bag, it was very plain and a tad boring.
I'll get to work on making a few of these in between work.
Thanks again :-)

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