Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Are YoU Up FoR a ChaLLengE

Every now and again throughout 2012, I'll extend /offer /open to all readers
 an "Alphabet Challenge".
For those bloggers crafty / brave / game enough to accept the challenge, you will be asked to send to a partner, 5 specific gifts which will start with a randomly chosen (by me) letter of the alphabet.
Some items will only be small with other item/s being perhaps more "thoughtful". You can register your interest for the challenge by leaving a comment if you like but it's NOT necessary.
A different partner will be assigned to you for each challenge and I'll try to accommodate all players by keeping partners in the same country (where possible) BUT you must be willing to mail overseas if needed. I foresee this happening only on a rare occasion and probably NOT more than once.
Once you have collected /made /purchased all 5 items, you will need to post a photo of them on your blog and then email me...(of course I will need your full name & postal address too, if I don't already have it). Then I'll get your SECRET partners postal address to you asap and all "challenge" mail should go out asap after that. You will have 3 weeks to complete the challenge and have all five (5) gifts ready to go.
Sounds like FUN doesn't it?
It will be a great way to make a new friend and perhaps a follower too.
 Can you do it?....  
that's the challenge !
I'm making the first "challenge" super easy... quilters honour!
And from the "challengers"... I'll randomly pick someone to receive a small gift... from Me to YoU.
Please tell all your friends about the "Alphabet Challenge" (the more the merrier) and if you would kindly place the challenge button (above) on your blog... that would be just WoNdErFuL too !
You can find all the info, rules & guidelines at any time by clicking on the relevant page on top of this blog.
NOW without any further talking... drum roll please...

May's  AlpHaBeT  CHaLLenGe letter is
Asian or African Fat 1/4 of Fabric
Animal buttons x 4
Apricot Ribbon ( 1 meter / 1 yard)
Azure Coloured Thread
Apron using Apricot and Aqua.
Challenge date by: May 22nd

Visit http://tipnut.com/56-free-apron-patterns-you-can-make/  
for ideas and patterns for aprons.


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Hi Cherryl, just checking/confirming, we have to make/source the five items you have listed (or make our own list of five items)?

Fiona said...

this sounds fun Cheryll but I will leave out this challenge and maybe join another time... youknow how our lists get too long??? haha... good luck

Cheryll said...

You are welcome to join in any time! :)

Cheryll said...

Yes.. you have to make/collect the same five A items I wrote above.
See.. I said it would be easy THIS time!

Sheila said...

I may join at a later date , too much on my plate at the moment. Sounds like fun as does the mini swap .

Cheryll said...

Would love to see you at any time too!

Anonymous said...

lol i am in sounds like heaps of fun,i am already collecting.xx

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Already allotted allowance. Amazingly awesome adventure!

Cheryll said...

Ooooh how CLeVeR of you Danette!! lol :)

Cliodana said...

fabulous idea... i little to rush for me but maybe next time... sadly don't have apricot color in my stock!

Laurrie said...

I would love to be part of this challenge, but do not have a blog. Is this a requirement to join, or could photos of the 5 items be submitted to you for posting of pictures?


Helen said...

Hi Cheryll, I would love to join this challenge, and also the mini quilt swap if I'm not too late.

Christine M said...

Sounds like fun Chez but I think I'll sit this one out at the moment. I want to catch up with some other things! I'm going to enjoy seeing what everyone comes up with.