Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BlocKs & QuiLtS

Month 3 with Megan and Heather at Quilt Story. We had to make an hourglass block... so I choose "Hourglass" on page 142 from THE book.

Previous Months:
April ~ hst ~ Swamp Angel
March ~9 patch ~ Waterwheel
Some of the beautiful quilts on display at last weekends 
Central Coast Quilt Exhibition.

It was hard to capture the full quilt into the camera frame as lots of people were appreciating them and they were also fairly close together. 
Each and every one of them were just wonderful!  EnJoY !


Anonymous said...

lovely blocks Chez,well done and wow some lovely quilts there.xx

Sheila said...

Great blocks and a quilt show is always a wonderful way to spend day . Thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

Your blocks look great Cheryll.
Oh I am so hanging out to go to the Perth Craft Show to see al the wonderful quilts there.

O'faigh said...

Hi Cheryll, enjoyed seeing the quilts from the show....lovely blocks in the making...Hugs, O'faigh

Allie said...

What wonderful blocks, loving the colors! And beautiful quilts, that first one reminds me of a spirograph [I think that's what it was called....]

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