Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SatuRDaY in HindSight

Last Saturday... remember hubby was away... I managed to sandwich and then pin a quilt called "Tina's Garden Quilt". It's made from flannels and it's turning out very nice I think. It is going to be a Christmas gift from DD and SIL to SIL's mother... TiNa.

Earlier in the day I went with DD#1 to watch SIL play his rubgy final. Yippee... they won... so it's off to the GRanD FiNaL next weekend. A full day of watching sport (SIL's grade and 2 others) and keeping hydrated with a little of this!
I hope to be standing straighter than this pic by the end of the day though... hiccup !
I recently bought this new pattern.
Isn't it wonderful!
I LoVe It !!!


Anonymous said...

wow Chez that quilt is gorgeous,love it,what a great job you have done they will love it.Go the hawks,lol, hope you are still standing at the end of the day.xx

Christine M said...

Congratulations to your SIL. Good luck for the Grand Final. The quilt looks fantastic Chez.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Your quilt is looking lovely. What a gorgeous gift. Congrats to your son on their win.

marina said...

lovely flannel quilt,the colours are beautiful and warm.
very nice pattern.

donna said...

Cheryll your quilt is gorgeous and your new pattern is supper cute. Love the title.

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