Saturday, November 3, 2012

TooL TiDy

WooHoo... our very FiRsT Friday night with Friends...
I can only speak for myself... but I had a great night in... How about YoU?
And I'll certainly be in for FNSI with Heidi and Bobbi on the 3rd Friday in November.

Because it was the first Friday night with Friends... I decided to make a tutorial on how to make a tool tidy.

It was originally published in HANDMADE vol 28 no 7 "Christmas Gift Giving"... but if you don't have this issue... feel free to use my tut.

I needed to make one so I thought I would share!

First, gather the essentials...

1. I used a fat 1/4 of 2 fabrics because I had them, but you would get away with using 2 x fat 1/8th for a tidy plus 1/8 of lining.
2. 12in x 10in rectangle of Pellon.
3. 30cm of ricrac (or fancy cord like I used).
4. 90cm thin cord or ribbon.
5. 2 x 1inch (25mm) buttons... or smaller if using on top of lace like I did.
6. 50cm of 15mm (5/8) twill tape. I used a slightly wider twill as I had it on hand. I just folded it and stitched in down the edges.

 I cut one 4 1/2 inch x 10inch strip for the bag front from the floral fabric.
From the green fabric I cut one 2in x 10in strip... one 6in x 10in rectangle for the back and also two 2in x 5in strips for the tabs. Then I used the same green fabric for the lining so I cut two 6in x 10in rectangles. I also cut the 12in x 10in rectangle of pellon in two to make each piece 6in x 10in.

Make the tabs first by folding a 2in x 5in strip in 1/2 widthways. With right sides together, stitch down each side. Clip the corners and turn right side out and press. Repeat for the other tab.

Pin one tab on the left hand edge of floral (main) fabric, 2 1/4in up from lower edge, Pin the other tab 1 in up from the first one. Top stitch around both tabs 1/4in from the edge through ALL layers.
Pin the 2in x 10in green strip to the left hand side of the floral fabric (with the tabs on it). Stitch a 1/4 in seam. Press the seam outwards.
Pin one piece of pellon to the wrong side of the bag front and sew the ricrac down the seam line (or a little to the side for ease).
Attach a button to both tabs.
Pin the other piece of pellon to the wrong side of green fabric (back of bag). Then pin the front and back together with right sides facing. Mark with a pin or dot with a pen, 3/4 inch down from top edge, leave a 1/2 inch gap and mark with another dot. Do the same for the other side.
Stitch down from the top to first DOT... leave the gap... start at the second DOT, then stitch down side seam, across the base and up the other side stopping at the first dot... leave the gap again... start at the second DOT... and stitch to top.

Cut the twill in half and pin the raw edge of twill to raw edge of fabric on the right side of fabric... on the front and back of tidy to form the handles, and 1 1/4inch in from the side seams. Baste 1/8in seam to hold.
 To form the base gusset, flatten side seam to align with the bottom seam. A triangle will form. Pin to hold in place. Measure 1/2 in from point of triangle and mark. Sew across the fabric at this point. Repeat for other side. You can trim off the excess and overlock the seam... or you can leave it there, finger pressing it towards the base. I did!
Turn the bag right side out.
With right sides facing and using a 1/4in seam, stitch front to back... along side seams and base...leaving a 3 inch gap along one side to allow for turning. Leave lining with right sides still together.
Make the base gusset as before.
Put the bag inside the lining... being careful to place handles inside and out of the way. Align the side seams and top edge, pin in place, stitch around the top edge.
Turn the bag out through the opening in the lining, then slip stitch the opening closed.
Push the lining neatly inside the tidy.
Press the tidy and then topstitch 1/8 in from the top edge.

Stitch a line around the tidy 1/2 in down from the top edge... then sew another one 1/2 down from previous row. These should line up with gaps in the side seams.

Cut the ribbon or cord in half. Thread 1/2 the ribbon thru the tidy from the right, all the way around and out thru the same opening. Tie a knot. Do the same with the remaining ribbon but thread from the left side. Tie a knot.
This "Tool Tidy" measures 5 1/2 inch x 9 1/2 inch (14cm x 24cm)...
and is a real cutie!
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Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing and thanks or last night. Uugs

Susan said...

Thanks for organising last really worked for me.

Narelle said...

Very pretty and a great idea!
Thanks for last night ... I achieved something :)

Anonymous said...

fantastic Chez,love this little bag and thankyou so much for sharing and showing us how to make one,your the best.xx

Maria said...

Had a fabulous Friday night with Friends thanks Cheryll.
Great tutorial.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Thats it Cheryll. Thanks for being such a lovely hostess too. Hugs xx

Sue Bone said...

Thanks Cheryll, I got my November Bee blocks done and they look great.

Mistea said...

Nice tidy.

helbel19 said...

Thanks for last nights stitch-in Cheryll, it was great to have so many ladies joining in. Great tool Tidy.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love the tidy Chez, and thanks so much for organizing last night it was fantastic...

Jeanette said...

Thanks Cheryll for the tute. Love your tool tidy. Hugs,

Noela said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Very pretty little tool tote. A big thanks for hosting last night. Hugs.....

tales from a handmade home said...

Thanks for organizing such a friendly sew in..........your tool tote is lovely, fab tutorial.

Theresa said...

Very sweet and a great tutorial.

Sisbabestitches said...

I had a wonderful night IN, thanks so much Cheryll for this brilliant idea. Great tute too, gosh you were busy :)

Kaisievic said...

Great tutorial! Thank you.

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