Monday, November 11, 2013


Just a few things for today...

Your 12in MiNi is due to go out by this
FRIDAY... Nov 15th.   Don't be late!
Please let me know when you receive yours.


Also time is ticking away for the Santa Sack Swap too.
Mailing date for this swap is by NOVEMBER 29th as the original date of Dec 1st is a Sunday. Please visit the SSS blog HERE for pic's of gifts being sent about!
I hope everyone has enjoyed this swap this year.

And today is Armistice day here in Australia...


Anonymous said...

hi Chez Raelene has received her mini and yes xmas is coming up quick,have a lovely day my friend and hey guess what? lol.xx

Cheryll said...

Yes I know... I saw your comment... hip hip hooray!!! :)

Raelene said...

Sent and received 12" mini.
Thanks for a fantastic swap,
Hugs Raelene
P.S. PLEASE stop reminding me how close Christmas is....
I have decided to have a handmade Christmas and I am starting to think that I should have started months ago xxx

Carol said...

Thanks for update,will be very busy finishing up end of next week.As going to Melbourne with Hubby for five days.

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