Friday, March 21, 2014

BirThdaY~ EasTeR ~ FNSI

One of our members is having her special day today... Ofaigh from Oldbury Cottage.
Why not pop over and wish Ofaigh a very Happy BirtHDay!

From all your friends in the Birthday Fat 1/4 Club!

* * * * *

If you are interested in joining into an EasTeR swap... here is the link to Jewells blog...

Julie just had an Aussie day swap and that was FuN... so she is hosting another swap in time for EasTeR. To read all about it visit HERE.
* * * * *

And tonight is FNSI
See you later for some slice and some sewing!
Sign up HERE over at Wendy's at Sugarlane quilts blog


O'faigh said...

Thank You Cheryll and the Birthday Club lassies for making today special to me...Hugs, O'faigh

Just Sew Sue said...

Sorry to miss FNSI today as I'm out for dinner.

Melody said...

Thanks for all the reminders.

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