Monday, November 3, 2014

PaY iT ForWarD

Earlier this year I offered a PIF and 4 lovely ladies joined.
I have sent off all my gifts to these ladies... Nanette from here... Sandra M from here... Jo from here... and Kim from here. It was a lot of FuN finding projects to make for them.
It's their turn now to PaY It FoRWaRd... so keep an eye on their blogs.

I look forward to seeing who signs up to each PIF.


Jo said...

I have got mine planned for the end of the month. So keep a look out

Nanette said...

I was just thinking this morning I must get to my poor neglected blog and update it, and post about PIF. Jetlag's my (good) excuse.... I had nearly 6 weeks travelling in Tibet and Nepal, and needed down time to recover. I will get on it, I promise, not forgotten. So keep an eye everyone.

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