Monday, February 12, 2018


stands for One Xmas Item a Month & is hosted by Narelle every month.
It's a great way to have lots of "gifts" on hand all ready come December.
I don't know how I would manage without this little monthly get together to keep me motivated.
You can click HeRe to see what other elves make as gifts.
I have added the instructions to my sidebar... under Christmas Gifts...& they are FREE.
The instructions are generic as I wanted you to be able to use ANY jar you had on hand.
I used an old glass "coffee" jar & a "milk bottle" type.
The instructions will work on any shape & size of jar or bottle.
Just a little measuring is needed. Click HeRe to print out the free PDF.
Anyways... I hope you EnJoY making my Christmas Treats Jar Cover.
* * * * *


Anonymous said...

Good morning Chez ,what a lovely idea these are,thankyou for sharing your design,the jars look cute with their wraps,well done my friend xx

Karen S said...

Lovely work and a great way to recycle the jars and bottles.

Anthea said...

Totally love these... fun cheery way of dressing up any jar or vase... great idea!

kiwikid said...

Wonderful idea, they look really pretty.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

These are cute ❤️

Ellie Mork said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing :)

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