Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Narelle hosts this monthly online group called...1 Xmas Item a Month.
I love it because I have lots of small gifts on hand all ready waiting at Christmas time.
I squeezed in a small "Reindeer" embroidered gift bag this month.
It's my own design & a real little cutie I think.
You can see what the other "ELVeS" made this month 
by CLicKinG 
.... HeRe ....

* * * * *


Anonymous said...

Good morning Chez what a cute design,i think you are very clever my friend ,well done and hope you have a wonderful day ,i was watching Kim and Chris on TV yesterday it was the episode where you and R bought the grandies up,it had me in tears,lol xx

Kaisievic said...

Very cute, Chez, well done!

Karen S said...

It is so cute! Love it!

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