Friday, May 8, 2020

WeeK 7 ... PhYsiCaL DiSTanCinG

How is everyone doing?  Hopefully... you are all healthy in body & mind.
I hope you are all keeping safe by keeping your distance while enjoying the somewhat relaxed conditions too...

I finished sewing the Girls Day Out quilt together. I added the 1st border but as we're all advised to still stay inside... I'll go find the outside border at a later date. This quilt has now been locked away until I can go shopping with ease.
It will be a quick finish once I have the border fabric as I even have the binding all ready to go on once it's been quilted.
Not a very good pic but it shows that it is finished to this point...

SO under my WOOFA list I've added a section called "IN LoCKDoWn"... AnD...
as I consider this project "finished" for now... it's listed under there.

I did the same for the Drunkards Path quilt too. Even though it's NoT on the original pattern,  I decided to add a border to make it slightly larger. So until I can go out shopping to buy that fabric... this flimsy is also in LoCKDoWn.
So I consider my challenge for the month of MaY completed... yippee
* * * * *

And DD#2 sewing machine cover has also been finished.
These pics were taken BeFoRE I added the binding to the base.
I'm now waiting to hear if DD likes it... BuT  I'm very happy with how it turned out.
* * * * *

Before CoVid-19, I had purchased a 6 pack of nice quality tea towels.
I have made 3 more sets of Picnic Pals... I just need to add the elastic.
They will go into the Christmas gift box... once completely finished...
so I'll add them to the group blog - 1XiAM - sometime next week.
* * * * *

Only 3 "string" blocks were completed this week... better than none I suppose.
The tally now stands at 18 from 35 blocks.

* * * * *


retdairyqueen said...

GDO looks amazing I finally put the borders on mine yesterday
CU tonight

Janice said...

Go you! Girls Day Out is gorgeous. It must be frustrating not being able to finish it off just yet, seeing as you are so close. Your other projects are coming along nicely as well.

Pink Rose said...

Good morning Chez wow you sure have been busy my friend. Your GDO quilt looks stunning its so pretty and you will be set for xmas as you are filling up the gift box nicely. K will love her new machine cover and i love the colours in your Dunards Path,well done Chez ,stay safe and take care my friend xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love your Girls Day Out. I have it somewhere in my cupboard too I think! I love all your other projects....such a pretty Machine cover!

Maria said...

Your GDO is looking lovely.
You've keep busy with your other projects and the machine cover is gorgeous..

Susie H said...

Very pretty finish. The outside border will finish it off nicely and it will be even prettier! Way to get ahead of the WOOFA and it's only the 8th of May! You've got over 20 days left of the month to do what you want. Great job!

Lin said...

The Girls Day Out is lovely Cheryll and I love the sewing machine cover - very smart and chic. xx

Karen S said...

So much happening. Your quilt tops are looking great. Hope we can get out soon to do our fabric shopping!
Looks like you have quite a few near finishes just waiting for that shopping day.
Love the machine cover!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Your Girls Day Out is charming, and I love the Drunkards Path quilt color combo, very pretty. Great projects!
Thank you for linking at Patchwork & Quilts.