Saturday, April 19, 2014


I always have a display & a MiNi for each holiday or occasion... here is this years...

Would you like to show off YOUR mini...?

Just link up below as I would LOVE to see it.
It's an OPEN link either for the MiNi Club members OR if you have a favourite EaSTeR MiNi of your own.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

QuiLTs on DispLaY

A quilt made FOR a child & the 2nd one is made BY a child... just 8years old & perhaps a famous Quilter of the Future!

This one is a window into the wild... Can you see the animals just outside?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

QuiLT ShOw

The Wyong Charity Quilt Show was on Sunday... & I met up with another blogger that I hadn't actually met "face to face". Dasha from HERE had one of her quilts on display too... so I snapped a quick photo.

There were many beautiful quilts entered so over the next few days/week I'll show you some so you can to EnJoY them too.
Below are just a few floral applique quilts...

aka Dory...

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Cardi

For my number one grand daughter... lol... as she is the OnLy granddaughter... I can say that!  I knitted this cardigan in PiNK from my own pattern & it's a great fit so both DD, GD & I are HaPPy !
Now onto another one for her...started below...before I make one for my #1 GS.
Again he is the ONLY GS... lol... & luckily they are almost the same age
I've decided on a real BoYisH pattern for him.

The PiNK cardi above was knitted using a MoSS StiTcH.

This cardi is in a double moss stitch & is in a cream coloured yarn.

aka Dory

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A FaVouRiTe BLocK

of mine is the lovely Dresden Plate. I used it to make a swap item for Sharon... in the group... "Friends Having Fun Swaps". We all had to use a Dresden is some way & I chose to use two... one on the front and one on the back... of a Hexie template & Hoop holder.
I added six Perspex hexie templates & three bamboo embroidery hoops plus a few extra goodies. Sharon has let me know that it arrived & that she is happy with it!

aka Dory

Friday, April 11, 2014

Ohhh... MisTer PostMaN

Look at what was just delivered....
 From the EasTeR BunnY...
Such a clever Easter Bunny too...

I have a hunch that "THE BUNNY" is working with a certain lady.
Ohhh... EasTeR BuNNy... I LoVe it!
* * * * *

And speaking of Easter... I have most ladies marked off as ReCeiVeD in the Easter 12inch MiNi swap... however if your name is listed below and you have RECEIVED... can you please email me or leave a comment. I guess I must have missed your post about it... ooppss sorry!

De... Lyn S... Maria W... OFaigh... Lyn O (NZ)... Sharon T (NZ)... Carin A (SWE)... Lynn B (UK)... Hollie P (USA)...Terry (USA)...Wendy F (USA)... Joan K (USA).
Easter is next week so ALL MiNi's should be on their way by now...???

Thursday, April 10, 2014

JungLe DweLLer

This CheeKy little MonKeY is headed to my DD#1 home...for my GD.
DD#1 wanted a cushion with a monkey to match the wall mural but wanted it in neutral it's usable for this baby & the next. I hope this qualifies... although I did add a removable PINK bow for my GD to enjoy.

I used "Koala Bear " fabric for the sides & back as it suits monkey fur too. The fabric is made by Exclusive for Quilters.
 The cushion took a 16 inch insert... & is nice and full.
 aka Dory

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In The MaiL

I posted on the Blankets of Love blog showing the most recent donation received from Lisa V but I don't think I acknowledged Lisa here.
Lisa is an AnGeL & I say Thank You once again.
If you'd like to see Lisa's & other wonderful ladies blankets ...just click HERE.
* * * * *

Fiona won these cute "thimbles" from Sissorman some time ago & after seeing all my thimbles in a pic my friend Shez took on her recent visit... the generous Fiona decided to give them to me. Lucky ME... aren't they wonderful.
All four "Glenrowan Siege" gang members... Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly, Jo Byrne & Steve Hart. The 28mm high thimbles are made of pewter... have authentic bullet holes & show the nut & bolt hinges correctly. They are AMaZinG...
THANK YOU Fiona... it was so very nice of you!


Monday, April 7, 2014


I received a wonderful "sewing- all" or "caddy" from Alison in an online group... Lets Stitch Together.
My package included a fat of fabric & some chocolate for Easter. Of course Aunty filled up the "caddy" with all sorts of goodies too. Thanks Aunty Al  for being a fantastic swap partner.

We all had to use the same needlework design on the carry-all & Alison did a wonderful job with her needle.
* * * * *
It was my pleasure to send to Tarnyia in WA in this swap.
My "sewing-all" was received last week so now I can show it here.

I made it in Tarnyia's fav colours & I also included some chocolates as well...

You can visit clicking HERE.
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