Tuesday, May 26, 2015

HanD SeWinG

Working on embroidering Christmas letters at the moment.
They are Michelle Ridgway Designs... & they are gorgeous!
Michelle has the "Alphabet Noel"  pattern, which includes all 26 letters... for sale over HERE.
I'm linking this post to Embroidery Mondays...
Stitchery Link Party...
with Susan...
from HERE.

EnJoY your DaY...

Monday, May 25, 2015

May Item

for One Xmas Item a Month... is an
AppLiQued ApRoN.
I had a store bought apron left from earlier this year... so it was made into another Xmas gift.
If you would like the CuPCaKe template... just visit my web page HERE.
The template is FREE by simply clicking on Applique.
This is a monthly get together hosted by Narelle... over here.
You can see what others got up to by clicking HERE.

Thanks Narelle xox

Ho Ho Ho

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Special DaY

For a member of our Fat 1/4 Birthday Club...

Sue is celebrating her birthday today ... so I hope Sue has a wonderful day. Click on over to wish her a birthday message HERE.

Hip Hip Hooray from all the Fat 1/4 members...
EnJoY your day ...   xox

Friday, May 22, 2015

ThiS WeeK

I made a couple of NeW BoRN baby bibs... 1 for Miss S & 1 for Master C.
I used flannel on both sides of them for absorbency.
If you want the FREE pattern...go on over to my web page HERE... & click on Baby/Children.
These bibs are only small so are PeRFecT for newborns.
* * * * *

I also got busy with the roller cutter & cut 5 1/2in squares. I'm making a small "frilly" flannel cuddle blanket for the cot. I've been collecting flannel fats for awhile so I have plenty of variety. I hope whichever little one is underneath it during the colder months, enjoys a peaceful contented sleep at Nanna's.  Stayed tuned...
* * * * *

Worked on my WSS ( Wonky Star Scrappy) quilt too... adding the 2 1/2 inch sashings & corner stones. I'm loving this quilt so far... & there is still 2 borders to add.  so Stay tuned here as well...

* * * * *
Still secret sewing as well...lol
Nothing really "sewing" to show... just playing with my Prismacolor pencils again...
I hope YoU spent this week doing what you love to do as well.  xox

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Started today off by playing with coloured pencils...
LoVe my PrismaColour toys...
Fabric was trimmed, pinned & ... sew so it turned into...
A Project Bag...
which compliments the "pin cushion" shown in this post... here.
I also added a Nikki Tervo Designs zip pull.   It's a BiRDHouSe...
The embroidery is a Gail Pan design.
Thanks once again to Anthea... for the encouragement.
You can see what others have made recently by clicking here.

* * * * *

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Who's A...

BirthDaY GirL today ?...
Yvonne is... from HERE
Click on over to wish Yvonne a very HaPPy BirTHDaY.

All your friends in the Fat 1/4 Birthday Club...
send you hugs & best wishes  xox
& hopefully some of these will arrive to MaKe your DaY...

Saturday, May 16, 2015

After FNSI

Last night was very productive in my little cubbyhole.
I worked on my Wonky Star Scrappy Quilt...

I made the last block...#20 of  different coloured 10 1/2 inch blocks.
It's in pretty mauves/purples.
Then I cut out & stitched Bow Tie blocks for my WIP quilt as well.
I'm linking this post to So Scrappy blog over here for the RSC2015.
This month is colour 5 &... yes you guessed it... it's  GReeN.
Thanks Wendy for allowing me to play with you & your friends.
* * * * *

Friday, May 15, 2015

WeekS EnD

Phew... this past week has gone out the window with a RuSH....
No wonder my knees creak & the joints feel stiff.... TiMe is passing far toooo quickly!

Played in the cubbyhole just a little bit this week... too much LiFe happening... but I did work on... Winding bobbins...
Secret Sewing Stuff... sshhh... can't show it yet...
PluS some cutting, sewing, trimming... & more sewing...
See Terry... I AM trying to catch up... lol
These will make 9 patch blocks for my Fancy Quilt.
* * * * *
Made a dish for lunch in the Thermi... yummO... Pasta in Tomato Sauce with Ham & Chorizo.
It's in the Basic CookBook.
* * * * *
Several book were also purchased on my recent bus trip... WooHoo...
* * * * *
Remember Friday Night Sew In is on TONIGHT... sew so click on over to Wendy's blog HERE to sign up. It's a fun night in with friends.
* * * * *

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I'm playing with some of the "extras" I purchased while on my recent bus trip...
AnD BoY oH bOy... am I having FuN ...

Sunday, May 10, 2015

ToDaY Is

a day set aside for all the MoTHerS out there...
I hope you ALL have a wonderful day... xox
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