Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TiLda SWaP

I sent these items to Fiona in the recent FHFS "Tilda Swap".
The pic's were taken at night so the colours don't appear as pretty as they are in real life...

A "Tilda" home for a few HooPs...

A lovely "Friendship" Cushion... in gorgeous Tilda Fabrics...
This photo was borrowed from Fiona as I didn't snap a pic with the cushion filled...ooppss
Made using this pattern...
And a few bits-n-pieces...

All wrapped up like this...
Fiona said she loved them... yippee

Monday, July 21, 2014

TwO FRienDs

of the animal kind.
Geraldine Giraffe now has company with this ChEEky fellow.
Meet Mike Monkey...

These animal patterns are from Noah & Friends from Kookaburra Cottage @2008.
Two down and two more to go.
Here's Geraldine again...

Sunday, July 20, 2014


The runner was designed by Jennifer Reynolds~ available in HandMade magazine Vol 29 no8.
but I changed it ever so slightly. I'm HaPPy with the end result as I just LoVe to applique but my THANKS go to Jenny for providing the original design.

I'm linking this "runner" with Sharon for the Lets Book It  project...
AND also with
Christmas Thru The Year  with Anthea as the monthly host.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

LasT NighT

At Friday Night Sew In with Wendy & her friends over HERE I managed a few hours of ME time.
I started by preparing some bobbins... white, nude & cream.
Do you keep a supply on hand too?

Then traced out a... ssshh project...

And finally... got to PLaY with gorgeous fabrics...

Did YOU have some ME time last night too?... I hope so... as it's GooD for the soul.
Thanks Wendy for some wonderful company!

Friday, July 18, 2014

LooKinG A LiTTLe FeSTiVe...

in my home today...
I purchased a few items... including some Jim Shore figurines... on my recent trip down south... & unwrapping them & seeing them again makes me feel like it's Christmas.
Here are just a few of the SaLe items I grabbed...
Aren't they ALL just gorgeous!

Meet...  Mr & Mrs Snow...
See you tonight at FNSI with Wendy... over HERE.

* * * * *

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WinTeR WarMeR

A lovely warm, soft & cuddly jumper all finished for my GS.
This jumper is made slightly longer in the back... so less GAP between pants and jumper.

* * * * *
And I purchased a new quilt marking pen. Its a Karisma brand Mechanical Ceramic Pencil. The Japanese have used this form of marking for years & years. It takes the worry out of marking quilting lines where the quilt will end up in a CoLd climate where the heat removable pen lines may reappear. I've never had any problems but I thought I would try this method. I chose the light fabric marker with the pencil but I also added a insert/refill for darks to the order too. I'll let you know how I feel about it when I get to use it. 
* * * * *
And a quick ReMinDeR that all 
Christmas in July 
swap parcels should go out TODAY!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Q-U-I-C-K ProJecT

In June, I needed to whip together another "taggie" & "bib" set as a work colleague of DD2 is expecting a grand baby... so of course DD2 wanted to give her a small gift.
Mum to the rescue... while DD2 was here over that weekend...

If you would like the "Cross Stitch" alphabet... just click on over to my web site HERE ... & look under Embroidery. 
The alphabet chart is FREE to download & print out.
I have also listed bib sayings to use... click on Baby for that. It's on page 2.
And the "taggie" instructions are under Baby as well.

* * * * *
And just look what the very generous Jo from HERE sent to me. Two "drainage bottles carry bags" for breast cancer survivors. They will be given to the Mater Hospital here in the Hunter.
THANK YOU Jo...once again for your generosity! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

GaiL PaN WorKshoP

This was our "Goodies Bag" at the recent Gail Pan day in Albury.
Of course I simply HaD to buy Gail's new book too.
And a couple more of her Patterns as well.

All these "pretties"... & the pleasure of two lovely friends company as well... arrrhh... HeaVeN !

Friday, July 11, 2014


was 2nd theme in the Friends Having Fun Swaps group... & mine came from my good friend Shez. It was a total surprise when hand delivered to me in Albury last weekend. I know Shez showed the gifts yesterday...BUT I wanted her to know that I just LOVE all her "Tilda" items... but the "bag" is simply gorgeous & PERFECT!  I just LOVE it!
Memories shared with friends... priceless
Lots of lovely "Tilda" gifts.

* * * * *
And here is the gorgeous fabric that I found with MY NAME on... not quite sure how that happened... but someone HAD to take it off Michele's hands... while at the Christmas in July workshop in Albury.
Isn't it ALL simply wonderful!

AND... some patterns jumped in the bag

Thursday, July 10, 2014


It was Tracee's birthday earlier this week & silly me forgot to put up her blog BD wish post... (I've emailed Tracee to say sorry but I was away & simply forgot...ooppss)... AnYWaY... Tracee was the one I was to send my "special" birthday gift to. This is what I made & sent over to W.A.

As you can probably guess...Tracee loves her pussy cats... so I thought this runner was for her.
Tracee says she loves it... & so does Mia and HB...that's them in the middle...
I also included some extra goodies (cat buttons, paw fabric, etc)... as well as 2 fats.
Hugs & HaPPy BirtHDaY Tracee...

If you would like the 67 x 13 Bed Runner pattern... it's available from Millamac. 
It is called CATS RULE

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