Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It tiMe fOr FeBRuaRY

FNwF...  Yes it's on this month even though I'm away.
You are most welcome to have a get together without me...lol
Simply link up below and have a wonderful night crafting together.
I will announce a winner once I return home...
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

OPAM in JanuArY

Thanks Peg & Kris for motivating us all each month. Even though you may not have OPAM 2016 up & running just yet... I will add these items to start off my yearly total.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

LetS BooK iT

is hosted by Sharon from Vroomans Quilts each month. It's a FuN way to make an item that you've been planning on making for ages but simply don't get around to. This monthly "group" is all the motivation you need & you can link up over HeRe...
I used a pattern that's FREE on my web page to trim a few tea towels.
Available by clicking HeRe... & then looking under CRaFTy.
It makes a plain ordinary tea towel into something "SPeCiaL" I think.
Thanks Sharon... for the encouragement.
I'm also linking this to my 2016 Scrap Busting Challenge as I already had the tea towels & the trim fabric in my stash bin.

Monday, January 25, 2016


in 2016 for the group known as 1 Xmas Item a Month... is another Xmas stocking.
This one is decorated with a Christmas Tree & "boy" gifts beneath.
This stocking is for GS #2...  & will hang in my home.
Narelle is hosting us all again... lets hear a HiP HiP HooRaY for Narelle.
You can see what other elves got up to this month by clicking HeRe...

Thank You Narelle....
I love making ONE item a month.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

LasT NiGhT

Was our first Friday Night Sew In get together... yes it's started again in 2016. 
Wendy hosts us all each month & you can visit Sugarlane Designs  over HeRe.
I worked on my MAZE quilt & managed to measure, cut & sew on all 4 sides of the inside border. I then measured & cut 9 stripes for the final border but I only pinned 1 side onto the quilt before I called it a night. Hopefully I can sew the remaining pieces on before too long.
Thanks Wendy... & FrieNDs for a successful night of sewing together.
If you would like to see what others got up to... just click HeRe.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


is on again in 2016. Anthea hosts us all each month...so if you make a Xmas item or an item as a Xmas gift... then link up & show us. We LoVe enjoying pretty eye candy.
I needed to machine embroider a few "name tags" for xmas stockings.
Now they are all ready for Xmas 2016.
Some for Me... & some for DD#1
I also made a NeW stocking for GD#1.
Thanks Anthea... over HeRe... for giving us the opportunity.

Visit Anthea & the CTTY link HeRe

Thursday, January 14, 2016


This is certainly a CRaZy time of year isn't it.
As much as I try to get up into the cubbyhole...I just never seem to make it.
Of course it doesn't help when a brand new machine... used 3 times... breaks down while I was setting up the display screen. A trip to the dealer is now on my agenda... grrrr... 
Of course the technician is on holidays at present... so my poor girl NiNa... will have to stay there until I return home from holidays in February.
Oh well... at least I have old faithful to keep my stitching itch scratched.

Anyways... this post is to announce the January WiNNeR for FNwF...

No 40...  Cathy from Cathy's Sewing Room.

I selected a Bareroots Pattern...
#59... Little Christmas Stockings.
Now you will have 12 months to have 6 stockings ready for next Christmas.
I'll pop the pattern in the mail tomorrow Cathy.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

SaTurDaY ShoWTiMe

After FNWF last night, where I practised my FMQ again, I had another Blanket of Love finished.
This time I tried "leaves" on 2 of the blocks & "loops" on the other two.
I used a "scrap" panel I had on hand, so a tick goes on my ScRaP busting challenge column. Yeah!
How did YOU go last night.
I have a busy weekend so I probably won't get to visit you all for a few days.
I'll announce January's WiNNeR at the end of the week... so show us what you accomplished.
Thanks for your company last night... I hope you all had FuN too.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


means FriDaY NighT with FRieNDs... woohoo...
Why don't you join me this week for a quiet & productive night in.
You can sew, stitch, knit or crochet... any form of craft you want to choose... just come on over to my place... (cyberwise that is) & let me enjoy your company for a little while.
Then over the weekend if you write a post on your blog... lots of "friends" will come over to your blog to visit & see what you accomplished.
We all LoVe eye candy...

It's very easy to join in... simply add your name OR blog name... then add your URL...blog address...e.g. http//....... blogspot.com
& you are linked up.
Lets all get planning what we'll do on Friday at Friday Night with Friends...

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Testing out Nina

Well that's what I like to call her... Original eh?  She is a Bernina B780... originally shown HeRe.
I used a few different blanket type stitches... Then used a hand quilting look-alike stitch... Then onto some FMQ. I traced the flowers on the fabric background & found it fairly easy for the first attempt on this new machine. It's NoT perfect by a  l-o-n-g  way... but it's satisfactory.
So... I give a thumbs up for Nina.... yeah.
And another Blanket of Love goes into the 2016 box...
A tick on the Scrap Busting Challenge column... yeah.
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