Wednesday, October 1, 2014


has begun in my cubbyhole... & with it a quilt was finished... YiPPee...
I'm donating this child SB size quilt  called "Cats in the Picture" to
"The Puzzle House"... Autism-Friendly House Association Inc...
of which my friend "Julie" is the founding President.
The quilt will be a raffle prize so hopefully it will raise lots of money for this very worthwhile & much needed project.
This was such a fun quilt to make... & can you see the "puzzle" shape that the quilting makes? I thought it was appropriate as "the puzzle" is the logo for "Autism". It's quite effective & easy to achieve on a domestic machine. I used Gutermann SULKY #4041 variegated quilting thread.
The quilt measures 52 inch x 73 inch

* * * * *

A box of "comfort pillows" & "drainage bags" was delivered to the Breast Cancer Unit at the Mater Hospital here in Newcastle. They were all gratefully accepted too.

Please accept this as my personal THANK YOU to all the ladies who donated... Sue P, Daisy Jayne, Maria W, Carol & Jo. (If I've forgotten anyone PLeASe let me know)... & I was told that all the items will HeLP immensely.
The box contained 25 bags & 9 cushions.

* * * * *
More secret sewing going on too... sshh don't tell... but here's a sneak peek to tease...

I hope the STarT to your month was gOOd too!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Calculated by the lovely PeG & KriS each month, bloggers add their personal projects completed totals to the progressive tally by ALL participating OPAM-ers.
Thank YoU so very much for ALL the encouragement to finish off items.
My FO's this month...WooHoo.
* * * * *
Remember to MAIL OUT your 12 inch MiNi TODAY.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Too CuTe

to stick pins in it I think...
Sharon from HERE encourages us to finish a project in her monthly Lets Book It group.
I've had this pattern from Jenny of Elefantz  for some time & this month I thought I would MaKe it! In fact... I loved it sooo much... I made two...
Thanks Sharon AND Jenny...

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Do you know what the TiTLe stands for?
1 xmas item a month... & the lovely Narelle hosts it each month.
You may have seen this button & wondered... now you know!
To join in visit HERE or Narelle HERE.

I knitted another scarf... yes... same green cotton...only this time the scarf is a little longer. It's now in the gift box until December.

Thanks Narelle... for encouraging us all each month.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A CounTRy GirL

AND a BirTHDaY girl  today too.

Yes ... SiMoNe is celebrating her birthday today.

Why not click on over to her blog HERE...
to say... Have a great day!

EnJoY this treat...
from all your friends in the BIRTHDAY CLUB.
* * * * *

Monday, September 22, 2014

ThiS n THaT...

Are you ready for the 3rd & FINAL swap in the 12inch MiNi club.
Deadline date is Sept 30th so don't panic YeT... you still have time to complete your MiNi & ... MAIL it on time.
Please remember to email me when you receive your mini...
I notice some are arriving... yippee... so I can mark you off the list.
Thanks so very much LaDieS for playing along this year.

* * * * *

Carol (no blog) knitted up a shawl using the pattern I found on a Spotlight yarn band. It was on their website but it's no longer there... anyways Carol did a marvellous job & I think the colour is gorgeous! Thanks Carol for sharing the pic.

If you want a copy of the pattern... please... just email me.
* * * * *

I've also MaILeD off all parcels to the winners of my giveaway...
so keep an eye on your letterbox this week.
* * * * *

AND TODAY IS... a very special day for KAYLEE
It's her BirTHDaY... so pop over HERE and wish her a great day!

HaPPy BithDaY from all your FRIENDS in the Birthday Club.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


This time my make for Christmas Thru The Year is a keeper...
I'll display it on one of my brothers hangers... it just needs a little holly for the frame top.
The embroidery pattern is one of Gail Pan's that I received at Christmas in July in Albury.
I used DMC floss - red # 815  &  green # 936 for the embroidery in this 12inch MiNi.

A-N-D  it's only 96 sleeps until the JoLLy MaN comes a-calling...
To visit Anthea... and all the other elves...just CLICK... HERE.   Thank You Anthea!

* * * * *

And last night was Friday Night Sew In... with Wendy...over HERE.

I sat & did a little embroidery by hand... enjoyable

Then I stitched a small item by machine... quick

I used this pattern...
And yes I've made several lately BUT I needed one more for a Xmas gift.

All in all... a very productive night.
Thanks Wendy...

Friday, September 19, 2014

FiNisHed THis WeeK

A PLaY/ CoT QuiLT for DD2 friend was completed during the week. It has lovely soft flannel on the back & I left it squishy & cuddly with only minimal quilting. DD2 is very HaPPy with it so fingers crossed her friend is too. The new baby is due in December.

This quilt was adapted from Noah & Friends quilt pattern by Kookaburra Cottage 2008
& the quilt measures 40 inch x 54 inch
* * * * *

I also made a siggy friendship block this week & mailed it off..
* * * * *
And I just LoVeD this pic when I saw it...
I know all the GraNNy's out there will appreciate it.
Unfortunately my little GS shared his tonsillitis with me... getting better now though.
* * * * *

And FiNaLLY... here are the WiNNeRS of my GiveAwAYs...
Comment numbers were generated by "Random Generator"

 Day 1 :  Kerrie B  /  Tracy G / Maria W

Day 2 :  Claire F / **Debra (Outback) / Shez  
** I need your postal addy Debra... 

Day 4 : Ondrea 

THANK YOU to everyone for... visiting, leaving comments, being followers AND friends.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

FinaL Day

of my BLoGoVeRSarY giveaways...   NOW CLOSED
After 4 years of blogging and 4 days of giveaways...I hope it's not the end of our friendship.

Today I'm offering to hand embroider YOUR initial on a 8inch wall hanger for your craft area.
You can have it plain OR in Christmas theme... I own several of Michelle Ridgway Alphabet Patterns... available HERE... if you want to purchase a copy for yourself.
OR you can choose a Bear or an Angel. You can also pick the colour of the fabric frame.
This is a sample of the hanger...
And of course there will be little extras added to the parcel... but that will be a surprise!

I'll announce the winner from today...tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DaY 3

in my BLogOveRSarY giveaways &
today's choices are fabric based...
#1.  2 x Fat 1/4 of "spotty" Flannel.
#2.  5 x Fat 1/10 of Christmas prints.
#3.  Modern Fat 1/4 + "Lantern BaG" Pattern.
Just leave a comment stating preference order of choice & already be a "follower"...that's all you have to do to enter.

OOhhh this is so much FuN !

WiNNerS announced on Friday.

See you Tomorrow
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