Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Cut or Not to Cut

Or better still.....WILL THEY CUT ?
I needed to dispose of a pair of my scissors so after a few last words to an old friend...out they went!
They were blunt & wouldn't cut paper anymore....so sad....but "move on" I said. So I went out to buy new scissors. All I needed was a pair to cut paper....well that's easier said than done....how many different types are there!!! The answer....LOTS..... but as I am right handed that was one decision eliminated easily, but there were still 6 pairs to choose from. "I just want to cut paper" I told the salesperson. He said "Well.. try them on for size" so I did and  found that some were comfortable and some were not. Crazy eh? But in the end I did select a pair and I'm happy.
New scissors - 3rd on left.
But it got me thinking and I remember reading this somewhere "a good pair of scissors is a pleasure to use. A bad pair is miserable and ineffective".....how true.!

So how many pairs of scissors do you own ? 
Here is a pic of my collection....and my family knows not to touch them. My words "Put the scissors down and back away slowly" resound in their ears....haha


Maria said...

Gee of hand I can count 12 and I can never find a pair when I want one. No one takes them I misplace them. LOL

Lynda said...

I caught my grandson trying to cut a pen in half....with the good scissors! Now why would he do that..don't know. He certainly hasn't tried to even come near them since that day. Something about "ballistic!"

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