Friday, October 22, 2010

EaRLy SwAp

This is to tease Sue who is my November Christmas Quilting Block Swap partner.
 I know... I know... I'm early... but as Sue is aware, my in-laws are coming from Canada for a visit next week and I wanted to get a swap in before they arrived. I don't know how much SeWiNg time I'll manage to get in for the next month so....
                                                               I'm EaRLy !!!
Anyway I hope Sue likes my choice and gets to incorporate this block in her project.

I'll pop it in the post on Monday for you Sue.

Visit: Christmas Quilting Block Swaps-Australia  if you're interested in joining this group.  It's FuN !!

                                                            * * *


Maria said...

Oh What a tease Cheryll. LOL

Sue B said...

How exciting, I popped on your blog to admire your orange and didnt expect to see this :)

Brigitte said...

Yes, you are a tease.

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