Saturday, October 23, 2010


I finished hand sewing the binding on another BOL last night while watching a movie. The plot was one which allowed me to sit and sew... enough said?
I finished the quilt off by placing a label on the back... and I also added a little ribbon that says "With All of My Heart" in one corner. As you can see I appliqued a "Heart" to the front as I do on all of my BOL quilts. This one makes 7 blankets in the BoX with another "top" pieced together AND I still have 7 days to go.
How many more can I do????

Oh and by the way......the movie was GoOd...
but finishing the LoVe quilt was BeTTeR !!

No 7



QuiltSue said...

Another lovely little quilt.

Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous little quilt - you have done a super job on all your BOLs.

Tarnyia said...

That is fantastic 7 little quilts all made with heaps of love... and I am sure you will get another done in time xxx

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