Saturday, November 13, 2010

Across The Sea

This festive block arrived yesterday from my October swap partner Sandi, who lives in Florida. It's just what my home needs to feel that Christmas is in the air.... and just around the corner. I'm already getting excited... and would like to start to decorate... but I'll make myself wait until December 1st.
Thanks Sandi for this wonderful addition to my project!

Just LoVe the CoLoUrS

This is the block I made and sent off to Sandi. Sandi wished for any block in Australian print fabrics.
The kangaroo and the cocky's will like their new home in the US I'm sure.

* * *

Enjoying The Weather & Wildlife...
My sister-in-law who is visiting from Canada cannot understand what it would be like to have a HoT Xmas... instead of snow... but unfortunately they leave at the end of November so won't get to experience it... at least this year.
We have travelled the tourist route and done the tourist "things". We have shown them the local wildlife both in a sanctuary and in our own backyard. They are enjoying the sunny days (I think) and cool off in the pool when they overheat. It's nice to have them here and I know hubby LoVeS when family members visit him here in OZ. 
Lake Macquarie. NSW. Aust.

Local Wildlife..... Koala Bear.

Pelican Feeding. The Entrance. NSW.Aust.

* * *


joyce said...

The scenery is just lovely . . . I'm so jealous! I'm glad you're getting to enjoy FAMILY time! Have FUN!!

crafty pug said...

looks like you are giving them a great experience of Oz! enjoy

Sandra said...

It is hard for me to imagine a hot Christmas as well, but I'm thinking I could "suffer" through it. The scenery in the photos you have posted is beautiful!

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