Friday, November 5, 2010

FrOm SuE with LoVe

My November swap block arrived from Sue this morning and I quickly retrieved it from my WeT letterbox! We have had ENOUGH rain thank let the sun shine now!

The block is beautiful Sue and I THaNk YoU very much. I will incorporate it into my christmas table cover.
Not long to Xmas now and I am really looking forward to the silly season.
Hope you all are too!

And Sue included this lovely Xmas panel... it's just perfect for me and I am thinking up ways to use it.
Thanks Sue.... That's very NiCe of you!

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And this is the block that I sent off to Sue for November.

Xmas group #1 - November 2010
* * *


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous blocks and I love your Christmas panel from Sue - bet it made your day receiving them in the mail :0)

Bev C said...

Hello Cheryll,

Lovely Christmas blocks. Have fun making something with the panel.
Happy days.

crafty pug said...

lovely all round. enjoy

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