Monday, November 29, 2010

SaNtA's HeLpEr

AKA  - "ThE PoSTiE", delivered this package to me today from my November partner Val.
We are in the Quilting Block Swaps Australia group run by Sue. You get to have a wonderful block turn up each month as a gift to you... isn't that FaNtAsTiC... and all you have to do is make a block for your partner. Simple!  And it's FuN too!
I was never into BOM's or ongoing activities before this but I'm just having sooo much fun that I have joined several other groups... but be careful if you join.... it's AdDiCtIvE !
Hers is a pic of Val's block to me... ThAnKs Val it's just perfect..... and so was the chocolate with the chocolate card!  Very thoughtful!

This is the block that I sent off to Val earlier this month. Val wished for any block in her colour choice of PiNkS,RoSe,GrEEn,BuRgUnGy and Neutral..... and phew...Val already let me know that she liked my choice.

Merry Christmas
12 Days of Christmas Giveaway...... is only 2 sleeps away!
If you haven't already left a comment on the original post (Nov 27th) to have your name entered into the drawing...why not do it now. It's not too late..tell your friends too... they can enter anytime during the 12 days... but that's less chances to win.
I've had the elves helping me gather some little gifts for you!


Cathy said...

oooh pretty fabric ;-)

Maria said...

Lovely Blocks and I agree the swap is addictive.
Oh Cheryll are you still doing Quilts of Love??

Amo said...

Yes, lovely colours. I'm very aware it would become addictive,that's why I avoid them! You are obviously doing enough for several of us though! lol

QuiltSue said...

Two lovely blocks there. Are you going to make yours all into one quilt or do various things with them I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Great blocks - I especially like the way that you have pieced your block for Val - the colours are lovely.

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Swaping is really fantastic. I have just joined your group and I'm so ecxited.Who knows if one day you'll be my partner.

Stray Stitches said...

Both blocks are beautiful. Aren't block swaps fun? I'm so glad that you are joining in on Block Swap Adventure.

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