Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12 of the GiVeAwAy

In China, paper lanterns decorate the "Tree of Light" whilst children await visits from Dun Che Lao Ren, which means ... Christmas Old Man.
In India, mango & banana trees are decorated and small oil burning lamps light the edge of rooftops as special decorations.

I have lights decorating my home and so do many others so hubby & I LoVe to walk around and admire the neighbourhood homes aglow.  Sooo   P R E T T Y !!
I even have a village which lights up at night and this truly is my favourite decoration! Pic's at the end of this post. Hope you enjoy them.

On the 12th Day of Christmas
My Blogger Friend Gave to Me..

12 Bells for Ringing
 (12 Drummers Drumming)
    WON BY:  Teresa  from Quilting Stitching & Sew On

11  reindeer running
won by: annette
10  cards for sending
won by: sue
9  ribbon meters
won by: toni
8  pins for holding
won by: caren
7  labels for stitching
won by: bubz rugz
6  paws a sticking
won by; christine
5  silver needles
won by: michelle
4  festive fabrics
won by: bobbie b
3  embroidery threads
won by: chook
2  christmas wrappings
won by: maxabella loves
And a Book Full of Inspiration
won by: crafty pug.

I would LoVe to ThAnK all my friends & followers who took time out of their busy Christmas schedule to come visit & leave a comment on this giveaway. I'm just sorry that EvErY OnE of you couldn't win a little piece of Christmas Cheer.. so I decided to add just one more gift..
Anyone leaving a comment during the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway who is on my followers list and DiDn'T win.. had their name placed into the LuCkY hat for the last time...
and the WiNNeR was :
Tarnyia....  Merry Christmas !
There will be a little something posted to you.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

You are right. The lights are always so pretty. Congrats to all the winners. Merry Christmas.

Tarnyia said...

OMG that little village is just WONDERFUL loved all the photo's up close to see all the houses and people... it must of taken you years to collect them all... and OMG I am a winner thank you Cheryll and congatulations to Teresa as well xxx

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Thank you very much Cheryll. For the lovely giveaway and for sharing with us your FABULOUS village. I wish I had a big living room to have one of my own.
Congratulations to all the winners.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cheryll your village is just gorgeous, I can imagine how pretty it would be all lit up.
Have a great day :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - your Christmas village is magical! And very big lol

Thank you Cheryll for your amazing generosity and for hosting such a fun giveaway. It has been a joy to visit and see all of your Christmas decorations and read little bits of Christmas history.

Congratulations to the two winners and to all of the other lucky ladies on the 12 days of Christmas Countdown (including me yay!) :0)

Best wishes
Shell xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ps - I've just sung your song all the way through and it is GREAT :0)

QuiltSue said...

Congratulations to everyone who won, and to you for doing such a fun giveaway.

I love your village, and even spotted a British phone box in there. It must have taken years to collect so many lovely little houses.

Cheryl said...

Your village is beautiful. Did not get mine up this year, so I am glad you shared yours!

Caren Kristine said...

I love lights on the house, we have 6100 lights on our house and in our yard.
Your village is's huge!

Lynda said...

Congratulations to all the winners. Your Christmas village is wonderful!

Maria said...

Just love the Christmas village.
How nice for Tarniya to be a winner, on ya!!

joyce said...

I love your villages. We have our outside lights up and our inside villages also. They just look so awesome when the lights are off and just the villages are lit up. I hope you're enjoying yours as much as I'm enjoying mine. Merry Christmas!!

Nancy Sue said...

Congrats to all the winners! And Congrats to you Cheryll, for a wonderful giveaway!! We sure appreciate all the time you put in to "orchestrate" the 12 Days of Christmas. Thanks to you I haven't been able to get the song out my ears for a week!
Happy holidays!

The Quilting Pirate said...

Cheryll, it was truly fun visiting your blog to see all the winners! You are a very generous person.

I hope your season is very blessed!! Thank you and congrats to all the winners!!

crafty pug said...

just lovely! thank you for sharing
and thanks for running the comp!!!

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