Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's ThUrSdAy

Before I finish the funny little ode, I'll show you what I sent in my mug rug swap. I realised that my partner won't know... she doesn't know me or who is sending to her...
so I can safely show you all here.
I stalked her visited her blog... sshh secretly... and noticed that she apparently liked owls so I thought I would go with that theme. And as owls are BiRdS, I also enclosed a bird calendar.
Then, for the other one I went for use in a sewing room...hence the choice of fabric. I was lucky enough to find a pair of black and white sissors to match... so they went in too.
I hope my partner likes what I put together.

 Heidi has announced that the next FNSI is on  February 18th.
Sign ups starting SOON !
So jot it in your diary!

Now to the final verses....

Nine patches were on Thursday
Green Yellow Blue and Red
I guess she really was engrossed
She never made the bed

It was wall hangings on Friday
In colours she adores
It never bothered her at all
That crumbs were on the floor

I found a maid on Saturday
My week is now complete
My wife can quilt the hours away
The house will still be neat

Well, now it's only Sunday
I think I'm about to wilt
I cursed, I raved, I ranted
Cause the Maid has learned to Quilt....!

This is an "Ode to my Wife the Quilter"...
(author unknown)

Could this be YoU ?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

What great mugs and matching gifts - just love those dotty scissors! And the 'Ode' was a treat. Hoping you and your loved ones are safe.

Quiet Quilter said...

Oh,so worth the wait...Loved it! and the mug rugs too!

Caren Kristine said...

I know your swap partner will love those little gifts. They are great. The poem fits me like a T. I would like to blame my messy house on learning to quilt....but I learned years before I married. I just hate to clean house!

Aunty said...

The mug mats are gorgeous. I love the poem, I bet most husband's feel like that at times, I know mine does.

Lynda said...

Lucky Mug Rug Swap partner. Love the poem.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryll i am back home now babysitting duties over.I love your mug rugs i am glad that you have put on here what you are putting in your swaps you are giving me inspiration for my swaps as being new to swaps i am not sure what to put in,thanks Cherryll.
cheers Shez

QuiltSue said...

How could your swap partner not like what you have sent?

Maria said...

I am sure your swap partner will be delighted with her Mug Rugs and goodies.
Thanks will sign up for FNSI now.

young by design said...

Those mug rugs are adorable! I'm sure your swap partner will love them! I hope you're avoiding all of the weather beat downs Australia is getting pounded by. Enough already! I hope you are high and dry and safe.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

The mug rugs a adorable. I especially love the one for the sewing room.

Jody Herbert said...

Love the mug rugs - I especially love owl one - I just bought some of that owl fabric myself!

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