Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's Triumphs.

I feel "Tuesday" is a  good day to triump over weekend projects !
After all... Monday is my shopping day....

I did finish off the BOL bindings over the weekend so I can now add them to my OPAM list for February.

After a very rewarding FNSI, I decided to make a "Breast Cancer Bag" to see how it went together. I read about this project on Bubz Rugz a few weeks back and thought as I had some left over curtain material I should use it on these bags... so I did. I only finished one for now (it was a treat to sew) but plan on making up a few more before I post them off. I wanted to see where to place the applique and if this type of material was suitable before cutting etc, but as these bags are so easy I'll be using up all sorts of thicker offcuts I have and adding a whimsical applique as needed.
It's another very worthwhile project... so you can go here if you would like to stitch a bag or two. They'll be AppReCiAtEd.

I also put together another table runner for my front entry. I like having one on display for special occasions...the next one being of course.... St. Patrick's Day on March 17th. So now I'm almost ready.. I'll keep an eye out for any IriSh or GrEEn masterpieces I come across to display before then. I have a few things green, but I'm always open minded about shopping....lol.
The runner is made from all different GrEEn fabric and I added the "Shamrock" to the centre block. I'm HaPPy with the way it turned out so it will greet visitors to my door in early March. I'll photograph it again in full when it's finished being decorated and is on display on the first of the month. 
Oooppps...needs ironing again.

The LuCk of the IriSh.
~~~ *** ~~~
Can you see the bunny?
Knitting up my "Easter Swap" dishcloth was fun.... over at Jewells blog and it went from go to wo in no time at all. In fact, I watched a movie on Sunday night and had it made before the popcorn was eaten...lol.
As it was so easy I might even whip up another one to send to my "unknown" partner in April.
I LoVe being organised!


Lana said...

Oh wow! you have been BUSY! Love the table runner! It's almost MARCH! who would have thought?
I have never made a bag, but am going to try now!

crafty pug said...

wow - you have done so much! i love the bunny - gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful runner Cheryll,gee you never stop you have achieved a lot over the weekend,well done.
cheers shez

Maria said...

Well done Cheryll.

How sad is the earthquake in NZ

Lynda said...

I be loving that wee little shamrock on your table runner (said with an Irish accent!). Organization is a real plus in the sewing room. Now that I use plastic bins for each of my projects I find I can start and stop so many projects at once now and still keep them all organized and ready for the next time I pull them out to work on.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been super productive and organised! Yes, I can see the bunny lol and your table runner looks very lucky indeed :0)

BubzRugz said...

You have been busy... so exciting to see the bagb made... fantastic. The bunny cloth is great... I did a swap last year and the cloths I got are used all the time...

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