Thursday, September 1, 2011

SwaP ReMiNdErS

It's that time again...

Just a reminder that you should have your gift all but ready to go out to your partner in the
OnCe  a  SeAsOn  SwAp.
I know that some of you have received your parcels and are proudly showing off your gifts on your blogs...AND they are just amazing too!  But you still have time left to finish off your masterpieces before the mailing deadline of September 7th.

It's also time to mail off at least 2 more gifts in round "3" of the
SeCrEt  SanTa  SaCK
swap to your partner. Of course if you have organised other arrangements.. that's GrEat.. but if not.. then get on down to the post office and  get 'er done!
Mailing deadline for this swap is September 1st.
By now your sacks should be filling up with lotsa goodies I imagine. Remember not too much squeezing or poking... well perhaps just a little feel just to be sure nothing is broken... wink wink!
I hope you are enjoying putting your gifts together in this swap and are looking forward to opening up (in December) all the lovely things I'm sure your partner is sending you!  EnJoY !

HuGz.... CheRyLL



Fiona said...

Thanks Cheryll......

Maria said...

Thanks for organising the swaps Cheryll.
I have both sent and received my OASS.
On track with the Secret Santa too.

sunny said...

I mailed both of my packages on Monday. My Santa sack is already overflowing, because I have an extremely generous partner! Great swaps, Cheryll.

Love Bears All Things said...


Stray Stitches said...

Thanks for the reminder! I sent mine off last week :)

donna said...

Thanks Cheryll. There is no squeezing here.hehe.

Val said...

I have enjoyed watching the Santa sack swap. All the sacks look fabulous.

lisa said...

I have sent mine and also recieved.Lots of fun.Thanks for hosting the spring swap.

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