Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Santa Swap MaiLinGs

Guess what time it is...

yes ... it's mailing time for gifts to your partners in the Santa Sack Swap!
October 1st has passed sooooo get the parcels off NOW if you haven't already done so.

I visited the blogs of some of the swappers. These are a few gifts Joyce has received from her partner Donna.  Don't they make your mouth water?

Only 80 sleeps until we open our gifts... HoW ExCiTiNg !!!

And these are from Tarnyia to Michelle... beautiful !

And some more from Christine to Maria... fantastic !

I'll try to visit other swappers blogs and if you show a pic of your gifts, I'll blog about it here. Then we'll ALL enjoy the pain frustration panic delight in seeing your gifts sitting there waiting to be
OpEnEd!  huge grin !!!


Anonymous said...

oh they look so good,what a fun swap.

Christine M said...

This is certainly a fun swap. I'm enjoying putting things together for Maria. My only problem is that I keep changing my mind about what to make!!!

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