Wednesday, May 8, 2019


DD#1 asked me to make a few HaIR scrunchies for 6 y/o GD#1 in her school colours.
I actually finished up making 8 in total... & GD#1 is VeRY HaPPy with them too.

These are the ReViSeD measurements:
Length 30 inch x Width 4 inch... with 8 inch length of elastic.
Fold over 1 short edge a 1/4 inch- wrong sides together- finger press... then stitch edge.
Fold fabric in half with right sides together & with long sides together.
Sew along this long length using a 1/4 inch seam... this forms a tube.
Turn right side out.
Thread elastic thru tube. Sew elastic ends together.
Push tube end inside turned edge and pin to hold.
Sew across turned edge... over elastic & with open end inside... to close scrunchie.
EnJoY the smiles you'll receive when you give these as a small gift...



Pink Rose said...

Hi Chez ,Miss C is very lucky to have you for her Grandma.
The scruchies look fantastic you might have to make some for Miss S now lol .
Hope your day is a good one my friend xx

Karen S said...

Such a great idea. Perfect for school. Bet she loves them.

Maria said...

Lovely scrunchies in school colours for your beautiful GD1....

Bethan said...

A lovely idea - I used to have scrunchies like that when I was in primary school! x

donna said...

Thank you sew much for sharing. My great nieces would love some these.
Love and Hugs