Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Little of ThIS... A Little of THaT

Isn't it a great feeling to catch up on commitments. I have been mulling over which star to make my CQBSA partner, Janet, when it dawned on me... make her Janet's Star. I used a 6 unit grid and fussy cut the centre. Janet wished for any star,some snow and Christmas this centre piece has snow falling but you'll just have to wait to see what the rest of the star looks like because this block is on its way to the Yukon. Hope it's what Janet had in mind.

* * *
I also made some headway on my Easter swap. I finished the tea towel I will be sending to my partner....don't know who it is YeT... but at least I've started. Jewells is hosting and you still have time to sign up. It should be a lot of FuN!
* * *
Also Samelias Mum is having a giveaway... but don't tell anyone else... cause you see... I'd like to win this fabric... just kidding... head on over and leave a comment.
And I do wish you all GooD LuCk.
Samelias Mum makes the most amazing mug rugs, among other things... so why not take a closer look?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cheryl for the thumbs up on the give away,hey by any chance its not 1 of your kiddies birthdays today is it?
cheers shez

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